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Hon. George D. Jackson (1862-?)
Born in Algonac, Mich. Mayor of Bay City and lumber business man.

Biography, 1892. - Added July, 2011.

History of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan 1892.


Merit is sure to be recognized, and that as soon as it makes itself felt to te advantage of one's fellow men as well as to oneself. Faithfulness and constancy are so rare as to be a premium. To these qualities our subject, in addition to his natural quickness at seizing advantageous points, owes his present enviable reputation as a business man of high standing. For some time known as one of the most prominent lumber men of Bay City, he is at the present time recognized as the chief executive power of this municipality.

In December, 1862, in the little village of Algonac, on the banks of the beautiful St. Clair River, our subject was born. In his boyhood his education advantages were fair, but he had the foundation for the thoroughness of principle that now characterizes his business career. He is a son of Charles K. Jackson, and a grandson of Michael Jackson, an Englishman by birth and the first light-house keeper on the St. Clair Flats, to which position he was appointed in 1856, under Buchanan's administration. He came to America as a boy and settled in Seneca County, N. Y. On coming to Michigan he located first at Ann Arbor, thence going to Algonac, where he kept the Jackson House for thirty years, until he died at the age of seventy-eight years. His wife was before her marriage Miss Elizabeth Kimball, of Aurora, N. Y.

Our subject's father, who was born in 1837 and reared in Algonac, became a sailor when little more than a lad. In the spring of 1863 he enlisted in the Twenty-second Michigan Regiment and served until the close of the war. Since that time he has made his livelihood as a sailor and since 1879 has been captain of a staunch craft; his residence is at Algonac. His wife, our subject's mother, whose maiden name was Nellie Pangborn and a native of Algonac, was the daughter of a shipbuilder, who came to Algonac, where he made early settement. Of the six children born to this couple our subject is the eldest.

In 1877 Mr. Jackson came to Bay City and entered the employ of his uncle, G. K. Jackson, who was at that time and still is, a heavy dealer and shipper of lumber. The first year the lad's work consisted of tallying lumber, and his pay was in proportion to the humbleness of the office. However, he did it as thoroughly as though great responsibilities rested upon him, and as time advanced his salary advanced in proportion. In 1886 he started in business for himself as inspector and shipper. His work was recognized by dealers abroad and at the close of 1887 he had handled and shipped fifteen million feet of lumber.

Close attention to business brought Mr. Jackson customers, and his rapidly increasing trade soon placed him in the list of the leading shippers of this locality, and his shipments have constantly increased. This last year the books show a number of million feet of lumber that have been handled that is probably not surpassed by any other firm. He has a number of inspectors in his employ and while his business is confined largely to the Saginaw River he has this year also handled a large quantity of lumber from the Upper Lake region.

Convinced that it is not good for man to live alone Mr. Jackson took unto himself a bride in 1883, the lady being Mrs. Imogene Anderson, daughter of James Ramsdell, an old settler now deceased, who was at one time one of the heaviest lumber dealers in the Saginaw Valley. Mrs. Jackson was born in Clarence, Erie County, N. Y., in 1860.

In his political views Mr. Jackson is a Democrat and early in life began to manifest quite an interest in politics. In 1887 at a Democratic caucus held in the Second Ward he was nominated for Alderman, and although he failed in getting the election, his ambition encouraged him to strengthen himself, and he was elected in 1889. He showed himself then to be a worker for the public's interest as well as for himself. At the Democratic city convention held last spring, Mr. Jackson was nominated for Mayor and was handsomely elected Mayor of Bay City, an honor never before accorded to a man of his age. He belongs to the Royal Arcanum, Bay City, and is a member of the Business Men's Association.

Coal article, 1898. - Added July, 2011.

Michigan Miner, Vols. 1-2, Dec. 1, 1898 (page 8).


A company consisting of Edgar B. Foss, Frederick T.Norris, George D. Jackson and James Conway, of Bay City, is putting down a shaft at Oaatka Beach, Bay County. The mine is only a quarter of a mile from Saginaw Bay and the Kawkawlin River, and three quarters of a mile from the Detroit & Mackinaw Railroad, which is now engaged in puttng in a siding to it. The digging was commenced in September, and the work is progressing steadily. The mine is over four feet thick, and is claimed to average 4-1/2 feet. The company controls a very large acreage and it owns most of the property it possesses, including the Oaatka Beach property, which was recently purchased. This beach has for a number of years been one of the leading summer resorts of the people of the valley cities.

Article, 1901. - Added July, 2011.

The New York Times Oct. 17, 1901.

Michigan Congressman Elected.

BAY CITY, Mich., Oct. 16. George D. Jackson of this city, Democratic candidate for Congressman from the Tenth Congressional District, to succeed the late Congressman Crump, admits his defeat in yesterday's special election by from 200 to 300 majority. Te majority of H. H. Aplin, the Republican candidtate is estimated at over 800.

Article, 1910 - Added July, 2011.

Michigan Manufacturer & Financial Record, Vol. 2, Issue 32, 1910


George D. Jackson has bought 126,000,000 feet of lumber in the Georgian Bay region for shipment out this season. Last season he handled 90,000,000 feet of pine lumber. Mr. Jackson is a member of the Little Current Lumber Company, also operating a saw mill at Little Current, which is running day and night, and it is expected will manufacture 36,000,000 feet of lumber this season, a portion of the stock for the company and the remainder for other firms. Mr. Jackson is the only lumber inspector, buyer and shipper in the Saginaw valley who maintains an office in Bay City. He has five subsidiary offices, over in the Georgian Bay district, but the business is all handled through the Bay City office.

Additional Notes.

    1880 Census: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Jackson, George D. - b.1863 Mich. - residing at the home of his uncle Gurdon.

    1883 - Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Jackson, Delos G. - teller Commercial Bank, res. 1505 5th ave.
  • Jackson, George D. - Mayor, Lumber Inspector, 715 N. Water, res. 809 S. Water.
  • Jackson, Gurdon K. - lumber, 410 Phoenix Blk., res. 1103 Center ave.
  • Jackson, Orrin D. - clerk G. K. Jackson, bds 1103 Center ave.

    1900 Census: Bay City (south side), Bay, Mich.

  • Jackson, George D. - b. Dec., 1862 Mich
  • Imogen, wife b. Jan., 1862 New York
  • Ramsdell, Agnes, mother-in-law b. Jul., 1826 Canada E.

    1907 - The Marine Review - March 21, 1907.

  • F.E. Parker, of Saginaw, has purchased the schooner George K. Jackson from George D. Jackson, of Bay City. She will be used as a consort to steamer Langell Boys.

    1930 Census: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Jackson, George D. - b. 1863 Mich. - widow
  • Randall, Mary, sister b. 1871 Mich widow
  • Randall, George J., nephew b. 1891 Mich.

    Link biography of Charles K. Jackson, father

  • [Maritime History of Great Lakes]
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Hon. George D. Jackson
Mayor of Bay City

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