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Jennison & Co. Hardware
The history of hardware businesses on n.w. cor. Water & 5th, Bay City, MI.

1886 newspaper. - Added Jan., 2005.

Bay City Tribune - Sunday, May 23, 1886



The Line of Succession of One of Bay City’s Oldest Business Houses From Miller, Martin & Manning in 1867 to Jennison & Co. In 1886.

Almost as far back as the memory of the oldest inhabitant in the history of Bay City there has been a hardware store on the corner of Water and Fifth streets. In 1867, we find the firm of Miller, Martin, & Manning occupying the old frame building on the site of the substantial Jennison block of to-day. The fire of 1870 swept this frame building away and cleaned out a lot of similar structures from the ashes of which arose the handsome and solid brick block which is now occupied by Jennison & Co. as a hardware store, the line of succession having never varied the branch of business which was established in the infancy of Michigan’s third city.

The new block was leased by Newton & Pierson shortly after it was completed and stocked with what was regarded at that time as an immense stock of hardware. Later the senior partner sold his interest to W. H. Tousey and H. G. Beach, (now of Alpena) and the new firm appeared under the name of Tousey, Piersons & Beach, who were in time succeeded by Tousey, Jennison & Beach, C. E. Jennison having purchased the interest of Mr. Pierson, who afterward became a member of another firm in the same business. Some few years ago Mr. Beach transfered his interest to the other partners, W. H. Tousey and C. E. Jennison and “Tousey and Jennison” appeared as the new firm.

Recently the firm has again changed. Mr. Tousey retiring and new blood energy and enterprise infused into the business by the young men who have become interested. The members of the new firm are C. E. Jennison who has long been connected with the house, W. Jennison, Gustave Rechler and W. F. Jennison of the most substantial of Bay City’s business men. Since the infancy of our present noble city he has been associated with her growth and prosperity, and to his sagacity and business ability is due much of success achieved by the house in former years. When he was personally connected with the business it reached it zenith of prosperity. Mr. Rechler has probably as wide an acquaintance with the trade as any hardware man in the Saginaw valley, having been with the house for the past thirteen years. His knowledge of every detail of the hardware business is such as to render him of inestimatable value in buying and general management of the store which he will undertake.

W. Jennison is a young man of pronounced business ability who has developed enterprise tempered with careful management during his ten years of experience in the counting room, which eminently fits him for the responsibility of a large business.

The finance of the firm will be ably taken care of by W. Jennison and W. F. Jennison, the youngest member of the firm, son of senior partner. This gentleman has for some years been connected with the Second National bank where he has undergone that careful training necessary to the thorough financier.

The Jennison & Co. Store and stock is one of the most extensive in the state and their substantial financial standing gives them advantages which are possessed by few business houses. These advantages and the youthful energy and push infused by the new members of the firm will undoubtedly give the business fresh impetus and add new laurels to the record it has made since the early days of the city.

1908 marine accessories. - Added Sept., 2010.

Power Boating, Vol. 4., March, 1908

Jennison Marine Hardware.

Over a thousand accessories for the yachtsman are listed in the new 366 page catalog issued by the marine department of the Jennison Hardware Co., of Bay City, Mich.

One of the most annoying things the power boat enthusiast has to contend with is inability to obtain supplies or repairs with dispatch, as there are very few places in the country where complete stocks are kept. When a thing is needed, it is usually wanted in a hurry, else much pleasure is lost.

The marine department of the Jennison Hardware Co. has been supplying the boat trade for over 50 years. In the past the fisherman of the lakes could always secure everything needed for his “Mackinaw;” the tugman could get his 4-inch manila; the lumber barge its calking, ect., and with the advent of the gasoline launch and “Skimming Dish,” Toledo cat, etc., the Jennison Co. prepared to maintain its reputation for supplying every marine need.

The Jennison catalog is a handsomely bound book containing illustrations and comprehensive descriptions with prices of over 1,000 articles. Any one of these may be had with greatest dispatch, owing to the excellent shipping facilities afforded and the central location for supplying the needs of western yachtsmen.

1918 Fulton Co. - Added Sept., 2010.

The Grand Rapids Furniture Record, Vol. 36, 1918

Jennison Buys Fulton Co.

The Fulton Manufacturing Company, manufacturers of go-carts, originally of Milwaukee and more recently of Bay City, Mich., has been sold to Wm. F. Jennison, who has bought the entire plant and goodwill of the business which will be known as the Fulton Company. It will be operated along the same progressive lines as heretofore, although the line we be strengthened considerably to keep in pace with the coming demands of the trade. The manufacturing business is not new to Mr. Jennison, who for many years has acted as manager of the Jennison Bros. Hardware Co., Bay City, Mich., manufacturers of hardware supplies and specialties. The Fulton Company will have no connection with the Jennison Bros. Hardware Company.

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