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John Jones (1830?-1907)
Born in West Virginia, first black farmer in Bay County, Mich.

1883: Biography. Added Nov., 2009)

History of Bay County, Michigan – 1883


February 26, 1944:

John Jones is a native of West Virginia, where he was born, in 1830. In 1856 moved to Pittsburg, Pa., and in 1857 removed to Michigan, and for two years following passed his time in Detroit and Chicago, and in 1859 came to Bay City, on the “Sam Ward,” and worked for Judge Birney on a farm where now stands the High School building. He afterward engaged in draying, and market gardening on Eighth Street, where he continued till 1869, when he came to the township of Hampton and engaged in farming and raising small fruits; married Miss Clifford Harris, of Royal Oak, Oakland County, Mich., in 1860. They have had four children of whom two are dead. Mr. Jones can look back at the first years of his residence in Bay County and note many changes which have taken place. Having cut the timber from the grounds now occupied by the High School, and having been the first to engage in market gardening in Bay County, he feels that he was in face one of the pioneers.

Additional Notes.

    1870 - Census: Hampton Twp., Bay, Mich.

  • Jones, John - b. 1835, Virginia, black, farmer
  • Clifford, wife - b. 1838, Mich., black
  • Alexander, son - b. 1861, Mich., black
  • Philomen, son - b. 1868, Mich., black
  • Joseph, son - b. 1870, Mich., black
  • Josephine, daughter - b. 1870, Mich., black
  • Fairfax, Daniel - b. 1849, Virginia, black
  • Smith, George b. 1852, Minn., black

    1880 - Census: Hampton Twp., Bay, Mich.

  • Jones, John - b. 1835, Virginia, farmer
  • Clifford, wife - b. 1841, Mich.
  • Alexander J., son - b. 1861, Mich.
  • Philemon T., son - b. 1868, Mich.
  • Maro, Alexander, farm hand - b. 1856, Mich.
  • Fairfax, Haman, farm hand - b. 1839, virginia

    1894 - Census: Hampton Twp. Mich.

  • Jones, John - b. 1834
  • Clifford, wife - b. 1843
  • Filimon, son - b. 1869

    1900 - Census: Hampton Twp., Bay, Mich.

  • Jones, John - b. 1803, Virginia, black
  • Clifford, wife - b. Sep., 1840, Mich., black
  • Philomen, son - b. Mar., 68, Mich., black
  • Reid, Robert, servant - b. Jun., 1882, Mich., white

    1916 - Death Cert. - Hampton Twp., Bay, Mich.

  • Mrs Clifford Jones, black, widow, died Nov. 29, 1916, at age of 81. Daughter of John Harris. Burial at Pine Ridge Cemetery.

Viewers Comments:

Jan. 25, 2011 - Phil Draper:

    Michigan Death Records show John Jones, was listed as white, died on May 4, 1907, and was buried in Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City, MI. His wife Clifford, is listed as black, died Nov. 29, 1916, and burial was in Pine Ridge Cemetery, Bay City, MI.
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