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David M. Kneeland (1861-1915)
Born in New York State, he and Chas. A. Bigelow owned a large lumber mill business in Bay City.

Death article, 1915. - Added July, 2011.

Chicago Lumberman, Vol. 29, Dec. 15, 1915.


D. M. Kneeland, head of various large lumber interests in northern Wisconsin and the southern peninsula of Michigan, died suddenly at Phillips, Wis., at 5:30 A. M. Wednesday, December 8. Details of the sad affair are lacking as we go to press, but it is believed that his death was caused by heart trouble. At the time of his death Mrs. Kneeland was visiting her daughter at Boston, Mass. His associate, Charles A. Bigelow, of Bay City, Mich., was in Chicigo Wednesday and was at once notified of the sad event and started for Wauwalosa, Wis., where the body was expected to arrive from Phillips Thursday morning

Mr. Kneeland's parents came from western New York, and he was raised on the farm which is father had bought just outside of Milwaukee, Wis. The elder Kneeland sold this farm to the city of Milwaukee for a public park a number of years ago, and the family moved to Wauawlosa, Wis., where the deceased resided. Mr. Kneeland was connected with the Michelson & Hanson Lumber Co., of Grayling, Mich., in 1885, of which he became general manager. In 1894 he became associated with Chas. A. Bigelow in the Kneeland-Bigelow Co., at Bay Cty, Mich., and later the Kneeland, Lunden & Bigelow Co. Several years ago he purchased a controlling interest in the John R. Davis timber property at Phillips, Wis., and operating as it the Kneeland-McLurg Lumber Co., erected a splendid mill at Phillips, which has been successfully conducted during the last five or six years. More recently he organized the Kneeland-West Lumber Co., at Lugerville, Wis., of which W. G. Collar is general manager. Mr. Kneeland left Wauwatosa on Tuesday last for Phillips and passed away shortly after his arrival there.

Mr. Kneeland was about 54 or 57 years of age. Besides the widow, Mrs. Cornelia Kneeland, he leaves two children Mrs. George Andrew, wife of Lieutenant Andrew, of the United States Navy, stationed at Charleston, Mass., and Pierson Kneeland, a young man of twenty-two, who has been associated with his father at the Phillips plant. The burial will take place at Wauwatosa, Wis., probably today. December 10.

Estate, 1915. - Added July, 2011.

Trust Companies, Vol. 21, December, 1915.


Probate court records show that during 1915 a larger number of important estates representing values of many millions, have been placed in the care and management of trust companies as trustees and executors than in any previous year. This record also holds true in regard to the number and combined value of estates and individual trusts of comparatively modest amount. Not only men of affairs controlling large business interests, but also men of more moderate means have come to realize the greater economy and safety in appointing trust companies to exercise fiduciary management of their estate.

One the most recent appointments is that of the Wisconsin Trust Company of Milwaukee as an executor and trustee of the estate of the late David M. Kneeland who died December 8th at Phillps, Wis. The will records personal property valued at $1,000,000 and real estate work $300,000. After receiving certain bequests to the wife and son of the late Mr. Kneeland, the will provides that the remainder of the estate be held in trust by the Wisconsin Trust Company and Charles A. Bigelow of Bay City, Mich. The executors are instructed to convert the property into realty within two years, then to be divided into three shares, one each to be given to the wife, daughter and son. The Wisconsin Trust Company and Mr. Bigelow, as trustees, are to continue as managers of the important business affairs of the late Mr. Kneeland represented in the Kneeland-Bigelow Lumber Company and the Kneeland-McLung Company of Philadelphia. Holdings are not to be disposed of until the plans designated in the will have been worked out. Bequests are also made to the Milwaukee Orphan Asylum and the Principal School at St. Louis.

Additional Notes.

    1870 Milwaukee Co., Wis.
  • Kneeland, Norman b. 1833 New York - farmer.
  • Carie, wife b. 1839 New York
  • Ella, dau. - b. 1857 Canada
  • Otis, son - b. 1859 New York
  • David, son b. 1861 New York
  • Anna, dau. - b. 1864, New York
  • Sarah, dau. - b. 1866, Wisc.

    1890 Michigan Deaths: Grayling, Crawford, Mich.

  • David R. Kneeland, age 10 months 6 days, son of David M. and Cornelia Kneeland, died January 30, 1890.

    1900 Census: Albert Twp., Montmorency, Mich.

  • Kneeland, David M. - b. Feb., 1861 New York.
  • Canellia, wife b. May,1861 Wisconsin.
  • Francis, dau. b. Aug., 1890 Wisconsin.
  • James, son b. Jul., 1893 Mich.
  • Pearson, son b. Feb., 1894 Mich.
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David M. Kneeland

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