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Dr. Herbert W. Landon (1873-)
Born in Bay City, established his practice at East Lansing, Michigan.

Biography (son of Dr. Henry B. & Martha J (Williams) Landon. (Added Feb., 2009)

The History of Michigan, by Charles Moore, 1915


It not frequently occurs that the men in a family will evidence an inclination toward a certain calling or line of business, and especially is this true with regard to men who make a study and practice of medicine. There are often generation after generation of physicians in a family, the sons inheriting their skill and inclination from the fathers, and a case in point may be found in the career of Herbert Williams Landon, M. D., of East Lansing, a particularly skilled physician, and the son and grandson of doctors. He has been located at East Lansing for more than a decade, and during this time has established himself firmly in the confidence of the people, and in the esteem of his fellow-practitioners.

Dr. Landon was born June 29, 1873, at Bay City, Michigan, and is a son of Dr. Henry P. and Martha Jane (Williams) Landon,. The father was born at Monroe, Michigan, in 1839, a son of Dr. George M. Landon, a pioneer Michigan physician, who practiced for many years and was widely known and highly esteemed both as a professional man and a sturdy, reliable citizen. Dr. Henry P. Landon early showed a predilection for his father's calling, and secured his education in the University of Michigan, where he was graduated with the class of 1861, and the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Following this he took the medical course in the same institution, and after his graduation, in 1865,with the degree of Doctor of Medicine, he located at Bay City, where he has continued to be engaged in active practice to the present time, with the exception of seven years spend at Denver, Colorado. He has won material recognition of his high professional attainments, as well as a place in the regard of his fellow-men, and keeps fully abreast of the advancements and discoveries of his profession, being a valued member of the Bay County Medical Society, the Michigan State Medical Society and the American Medical Association. Martha Janes (Williams) Landon was born at Ann Arbor, Michigan, and was a daughter of Evander T. Williams, a pioneer of Washington county, who came from New York State to Michigan and for many years was engaged in the mercantile business at Ann Arbor. The mother of Doctor Landon died in 1884.

The early education of Herbert Williams Landon was secured in the public and private schools of Bay City, following which he went to a private school at Liditz, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, and St. John's Academy, Manlius, New York. He next became a student at the Bay City High school, the Monroe High school and the Ann Arbor High school, and when he graduated from the last-names, in 1894, entered the Detroit College of Medicine. He completed the course of study there with the class of 1898, receiving the degree of Doctor of Medicine, and spent one year as interned at St. Mary's Hospital, Detroit, but in 1900 embarked in active practice at Lansing, and three years later came to East Lansing, which has since been his field of activity. He is a close and careful student, a skilled practitioner and a steady-handed surgeon, and has won material prosperity and general esteem. He is a member of the Ingham County and Michigan State Medical Societies and of the American Medical Association, and of various fraternal orders, and in each connection has shown himself eminently worthy of the confidence placed in him.

Doctor Landon married Miss Dorothy Sterling, formerly a resident of Monroe, Michigan.

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