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William H. Lennon (1847-?)
Born in Hamiltion, Canada. Sheriff of West Bay City, Mich.

History of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan - 1892


William H. Lennon, who is the Chief of Police of West Bay City and Warden of the city prison, is one of the old settlers of the place. His kindly nature and thoughtful consideration make him a universal favorite, and he is ever ready to exchange a pleasant word with a friend and neighbor. He was born in Hamilton, Canada, February 11, 1847, and his father, Capt. Hugh Lennon, was born in Ireland and came to Canada when a boy.

The Captain began as a boy sailing upon the ocean and worked his way to a Captaincy, and then entered the lake service until he retired and in his later years made his home in Ontario. He there obtained a Government position as jailer for eight years and died in 1855. His wife, whose maiden name was Annie Hogan, was born in Hamilton and died the year previous to her husband's demise. They were both members of the Catholic Church. Of their six children three are livingand our subject is the only one who makes his home in the United States.

Mr. Lennon was reared in Hamilton and Cayuga, and in 1863, after he completed his sixteenth year, he came to Bay City and found employment in lumbering and rafting for five or six years at various points in the Valley and there became purchaser for Cooper, Heath & Co., who were in the hop business at Unionville and Sebewaing. The Village Council at Wenona made him Marshal in 1874, and when the towns were consolidated he was appointed City Marshal of West Bay City and held that office until June, 1887.

During his official position Mr. Lennon was made Constable, and also engage in carrying on a bazaar store on Midland Street. This business had a steady and healthful growth and was enlarged until June, 1891, when he sold out the stock. It was at that time the largest bazaar store in West Bay City. He was Alderman elected for two years but resigned to accept the position of Chief of Police, which was tendered to him in April, 1891. As Marshal and Constable in the earlier he made many an arrest of Indians and woodsmen, and he has seen this place grow from a mere hamlet without bridges or modern conveniences to a prosperous city with more than ordinary railroad facilities and all modern arrangements for carrying on business.

The marriage of our subject, in 1873, in Hamilton united him with Miss Isabelle Dunn, a native of that city. Their two children are William D. and Hortense E. Among the social orders he belongs to the Knights of the Maccabees and the Royal Arcanum, and was one of the organizers of the lodge of Ancient Order of United Workman in this city. Politically, he is a Democrat and an influential man in his party. He has held the office of Constable for thirteen years. In 1882 he was Deputy Sheriff and for two years more was Under Sheriff under the same man.

Additional Notes.

    1879 Directory: West Bay City, Mich.

  • Lennon, William H. - City Marshall and Deputy Sheriff, res City Penitentiary cor Linn and Michigan, 2d ward.
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