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Ubald Rivard Loranger (1863-1928)
Born in Quebec, Canada, practiced law in Bay City, Mich.

Biography, 1900. - Added January, 2012.

Men of Progress: Biographical Sketches of Representative Michigan Men. - 1900


The subject of this sketch sprang from one of oldest French families of Canada, who came from France in 1640, setting a the now town of Three Rivers, near Montreal. His father, Joshua F. Loranger, was a business man at L'Avenir, a small town in the province of Quebec, where the son was born May 11th, 1863. His mother's maiden name was Hermine Daigle. The parents moved to Muskegon, Mich., in 1866, the father engaging in the mercantile business, and subsequently in lumbering. He went down with the panic of 1873, and in 1875 the family moved to Bay City, the son having some school advantages both at Muskegon and at Bay City. In 1876 he engaged as cash boy in the dry goods store of Cooke & Co., at $2.50 per week. In the morning peddling the Detroit Evening News in West Bay City, finally becoming agent for the paper at that place, improving his evenings by attending night school. He remained with Cooke & Co. five years, having been promoted to the position of clerk. The family having in the meantime returned to Canada, the father later held a position in the Internal revenue service at Montreal. In 1881 the son joined his parents at Montreal, where he spent six years in studying French, the classics, and in preparing for the University. He returned to Michigan in the fall o 1885, and entered the law department of the University, taking at the same time the course in political science, graduating with the class of 1887. In June, that year formed a co-parnership with Hon. Archibald McDonnell, which continued for two years, the receipts from the practice affording a comfortable living, with a small balance to the good. Since October, 1889, he has practiced alone.

Mr. Loranger has always been a Republican, making his early debut in politics during the Blane campaign of 1884, when he stumped Bay county in behalf of the party. In 1893 he was appointed city attorney of Bay City, serving in that position two terms; and in 1897 he served temporarily as assistant prosecuting attorney of Bay county. He has been active in partisan work was three years chairman of the Republican City Committee, was a delegate to the several Republican State Conventions and in 1896 chairman of the Bay County delegation. He was a Pingree hustler at that gathering, and represented the 10th district on the committee to whom the matter of the contesting delegations from St. Clair county was referred.

He has been twice married, first in 1889 to Miss Bettie A. Dayton, of Lansing, who died May 17, 1891, leaving an infant daughter, Bettie D. In October, 1895, Miss Marie Frank, daughter of Ernest Frank of Bay City, became Mrs. Loranger. They have two children, Hubert R. and Marie N.

Additional Notes.

    1889 Michigan Marriages: Lansing, Ingham, Mich.

  • Ubald R. Loranger, b. 1864, Canada, son of Josni F. Loranger and Hermined Aigle, married March 12, 1889, to Bettie A. Dayton, b. 1867, Watertown, Mich., daughter of Geo. M. Dayton and Sarah Brown.

    1895 Michigan Marriages: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Ubald R. Loranger, lawyer, b. 1863, Providence of Quebec, son of J. F. Loranger and Herrainie Dayle, married Oct. 2, 1896, to Marie L. Frank, b. 1873, Bay City, Mich., daughter of Ernest Frank and Emma Scheurmann. Witnesses: Ernest Frank and Cornelia Scheurmann.

    1902-3 Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Loranger, Ubald R. - Police Board of Commissioners, term expires May 1, 1902.
  • Loranger, U. R. - Pres. Hecla Portland Cement and Coal Co., 506-508 Crapo Blk, Incorporated July, 1901.

    1926 United States Patent Office.

  • Hubert R. Loranger of Highland Park, Michigan, and Ubald R. Loranger of Riverside, Ontario, Canada. Compressor for Refrigerating Apparatus. Filed June 12, 1922, Serieal No. 567,713

    1928 Ontario Deaths: Riverside.

  • Ubald Rivard Loranger, age 64, died March 17, 1928. Son, of Josuha Loranger and Hermine Daigle.

    1954 Hyatt Funeral Records: Bay City, Mich.

  • Mrs. Ubald R. Loranger died October 19, 1954. (Marie Frank)
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