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Thomas Frank Marston (1869-?)
Bay City, native, son of Isaac and Emily Marston.

Biography. - Added Apri, 2011.

History of Bay County, Michigan - Gansser 1905.


One of Bay City's successful business men, treasurer and business manager of the Bay City Sanitary Milk Company, Ltd., was born in Bay City, Michigan, March 15, 1869, and is a son of the late Hon. Isaac Marston, a member of the Supreme Court bench of Michigan from 1875 to 1883, the year of his resignation from the bench, and also for a long term of years one of the leading members of the Bay County bar. His sketch may be found elsewhere in this work.

Mr. Marston was reared in Bay City and attended school here, later taking a course in mechanical engineering at the Michigan Agricultural College and the University of Michigan and in agricultural at the University of Wisconsin. He then returned to his father's farm and still continues to operate it on approved scientific principles.

The Bay City Sanitary Milk Company, Ltd., was organized in May, 1902, by Oscar F. Meiselbach, William Cuthbert and Thomas F. Marston. The officers were Oscar F. Meiselbach, chairman; William Cuthbert, secretary and business manager. Mr. Cuthbert has since withdrawn and operates a milk business independently. The company not only controls a large portin of the city milk trade, running five wagons and handling, both wholesale and retail, 373,000 pound of milk a month, but also manufactures ice cream and other products. Employment is given to 10 workmen. The industry is on the increase, te company's products making an enlarged area of demand wherever they are known. The company has clean, sanitary quarters and every device and precaution is taken to make their products just what they are represented to be. Much of the success that has attended his laundable industry is undoubtedly due to the business management and commercial integrity of Mr. Marston and Mr. Meiselbach.

Mr. Marston has a pleasant home in Bay City, and has a family of four children; Helen, Sheldon, Frances Marian and Thomas Frank, Jr. The family attend the Presbyterian Church.

Mr. Marston served six years on the State Board of Agriculture, by appointment from Governor Hazen S. Pingree, and was president of the board the last two years. In 1905 he was again appointed a member of this board.


History of the Michigan Agricultural College, 1911

Thomas Frank MARSTON

Is the son of Isaac Marston, from Ireland, later Justice of State Supreme Court, and Emma (Sullivan) Marston of Wayne county, Michigan. He was born at Bay City, Michigan, March 15, 1869. He married Francis Sheldon, of Rutland, Vermont. He is well educated, though not a graduate of any college. He attended grammar school in Bay City; Detroit high school; during the summer of 1888 he attended the Michigan Agricultural College; some time in the University of Michigan; Agricultural School of the University of Wisconsin. He is Presbyterian and a Republican. In succession the following indicates his occupations: farming and breeding Jersey cattle; county commissioner for building stone roads; member of the State Board of Agriculture, 1897-1903; 1905-08, president of same; member of the State Live Stock Commission.

Children: Helen, Sheldon, Marion Frances, Thomas Frank. Address: Bay City, Michigan.

Agricultural intests. - Added April, 2011.

Annuul Report of the Secretary of State Board, Michigan. - 1902.

Bay City, Mich., July 31, 1901.
Director Michigan Experiment Station:

Dear Sir I have fed beet pulp to dairy cows for two winters. During the last campaign of the factory I fed pulp to an average of 55 cows, registered Jerseys, the milk of the herd being sold to regular customers in Bay City. The pulp was hauled fresh from the factory each day, or at short intervals, and fed unfermented. The cows without exception ate the pulp readily from the start.

I used the pulp as substitute for corn ensilage. The cows had been receiving two feedings per day of corn silage, with hay and grain. After beginning with the pulp the hay and grain remained practically the same, and one feed per day of pulp was sub- stituted for one feed of the silage. Unfortunately, at the time the changes in the feeding were made I was building a new barn, and the frequent changes in the stalls of the cows made it impossible to continue our regular records of the yields of each individual cow. I cannot, therefore,, give a definite statement as to the influence of the feeding of pulp i u the quality of the milk or its quantity farther than to say that no shrinkage in the yield of the herd as a whole seemed to follow the change from silage to pulp nor was there an apparent increase when the change was made back again to silage.

In the winter of 1899-1900 I also fed considerable quantities of beet pulp. While there was no bad effect from the feeding of pulp from unfrozen beets, I noticed h tendency to bloating and to bowel disorders as soon as I attempted to feed stored pulp from frozen beets.

Yours respectfully,

President State Board of Agriculture.

Thomas F. Marston's cattle farm.

Additional Notes.

    Sheldon Family Genealogy.

  • Thomas' wife, Francis Marion Sheldon, was born Feb. 1, 1873, daughter of John Sheldon and Caroline A. Eastman.

    1904 - Michigan Academy of Science.

  • Thomas F. Marston listed as member.

    1920 Census Bay City, Mich.

  • Marston, Thomas F. - b. 1869 Mich.
  • Frances, wife - b. 1876 Vermont
  • Sheldon, son - b. 1898 Mich.
  • Marion, dau - b. 1902 Mich.
  • Thomas F., son - b. 1904 Mich.
  • Caroline, dau. - b. 1914 Mich.
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