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Hon. Archibald McDonell (1833-1905)
aka: MacDonell
Born in Nova Scotia, and prominent attorney in Bay City, MI.

1878 biography. (Added Mar., 2009)

American Biographical History of Eminent and Self-made Men,
by F. A. Barnard, 1878


McDonell, Hon. Archibald, of Bay City, Michigan, was born in St. Andrew's county, of Sydney, Nova Scotia, January 1, 1833. He is the son of Donald and Mary (McDonald) McDonell. His father was born on the Atlantic Ocean, while his parents were on their passage from Inverness, Scotland. Mr. McDonell received a grammar-school training. He taught in his native province and in Western Canada for three years; and then so successfully invested his earning in business as to realize ten thousand dollars by the time he was twenty-five years old. This sum he invested in a cargo of wheat, which he lost by the wreck of a vessel on Lake Huron. In 1859 he entered the law school of the Michigan University, and graduated in the spring of 1861. In the following June, he removed to Bay City; and, during the first three months, was associated with Hon. A. C. Maxwell in his law office. He then entered into partnership with the late Judge Grier, just then entering upon his profession. When Mr. Grier was elected to the bench, Mr. McDonell was, for some time, associated with George P. Cobb, now a prominent lawyer of Bay City. He is now one of the firm of McDonell and Man. Mr. McDonell has been elected Supervisor of the ward in which he lives, City Attorney, Alderman, and Mayor of Bay City. He held the office of Circuit Court Commissioner for Bay County from 1862 to 1866; and was a member of the Democratic State Committee from the fall of 1874 to that of 1876. He was Treasurer and Secretary of St. Andrew's Society of Bay County while that organization existed. He is President of the Bay County Bar Association; and of the Board of Trustees of the Bay City Public Library. In a few months after his arrival in Bay City, he manifested the usefulness of his practical business training, not only in the manage of the business intrusted to him as a lawyer, but in the building up of an independent financial position. He is considered one of the wealthiest men in Bay City; and his residence is one of the finest there. Mr. McDonell has always maintained an honorable position in Bay City. He has a reputation second to no lawyer in the State for professional knowledge, practical ability, and conscientious, painstaking management of cases. He was been twice married. His first wife, Mary Ann Carson, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, died in 1862. He married in 1863, Mary J. Day, a native of St. Lawrence County, New York.

1888 Mrs. Anna F. Parsons. (Added May, 2010)

Western Druggist, Vol. 10, 1888

The School of Pharmacy of the University of Michigan.

Page 258 (excerpt)

After a business meeting at 11 o'clock, with President A. B. Stevens in the chair, the memorial for Henry B. Parsons, of the class of '76, was unvieled. The entire professional library of Mr. Parsons was presented, as an addition to the memorial, by his widow Mrs. Anna F. Parsons, an inestimable gift, received with much feeling. Remarks were made by a number of the alumni, and special thanks were voted to Mrs. Parsons and to those most generaous parmaceutical contributors not related to this school who have offered such abundant tokens of their friendship for Mr. Parsons.

1898 wedding notice. (Added May, 2010)

Library Journal, Vol. 23 - 1898

Page 547. Cooke, A. J., has been appointed librarian of the Bay City (Mich.) Public Libary, succeeding Mrs. Annie F. Parsons, resigned. Mr. Cooke has for some years been a trustee of the library, and is interested in modern library methods. He is a book-lover, and his private library includes a good collection of Americans.

McDonnell-Parsons. Mrs Annie F. Parsons, formerly librarian of the Bay city (Mich.) Public Library was on July 21 married to Archibald McDonnell, of Bay City. The wedding took place in Detroit.

1905 Obituary. (Added May, 2010)

The Michigan Alumnus, Vol. 11, Oct. 1904-July 1905



Archibald McDonell, notice of whose death was given in the February ALUMNUS was born in St. Andrews, Sidney County, Nova Scotia, Jan. 1, 1833. He lived in Canada until 1859, at which time he entrered the law department of the University, graduating he settled in Bay City, practicing there until his death. During his long term of service he held office as supervisor, city attorney, alderman, police commissioner, and mayor of Bay City, as well as member of the board of trustees of the Bay City public library for twenty-five years. At the first meeting for the Bay County Bar Association at the opening of the circuit court, resolutions eulogistic of the deceased were presented and given unamimous indorsement, as wel as brief addresses extolling the virtues and character of the dead lawyer. His death occurred Feb. 6, 1905.

Additional Notes.

1863 - Michigan Marriages: Bay City.

  • On April 23, 1863 Archibald Mcdonnel, b. 1833, married Mary Day, b. 1840.

1868 - Michigan Births: Bay city.

  • On March 3, 1869 Mary E. Mcdonell was born to Archibald and Mary Mcdonell.

1880 - Census: Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, Mich.

  • Theodore Taylor, b. 1827 New York, merchant
  • Mary (Sturdivant), wife, b. New York
  • Lerch, Mary, daughter, b. 1852 New York, married
  • Harriet, daughter, b. 1854 New York, single
  • Annie, daughter, b. 1859 New York, single
  • Edith, daughter, b.1866 Mich., single

1883 - Michigan Marriages: Washtenaw.

  • Date: August 2, 1883.
  • Groom: Henry B. Parsons, age 27, b. 1856.
  • Bride: Annie F. Taylor, age 24, b. 1859.

1890-91 Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Annie F. Parson is listed as librarian and secrectary - Archibald McDonell listed on library board.

1893 - Directory: Bay City, Michigan

  • McDonell. Archibald (McDonell & Hall) - pres McDonell Hardware Co. and Crapo Bldg. Co (ltd), res 1402 Adams.
  • McDonell Hall (Archibald McDonell, De Vere Hall), Lawyers, 402, 403 and 404 Crapo Block.
  • Public Library Board. - George D. Jackson, President. Mrs. Annie F. Parsons, Librarian and Secretary. Chester L. Collins, Aaron J. Cook, Orrin Bump, Archibald McDonell, James Shearer, Amos M. Switzer, Trustees.

1898 - Michigan Marriages: Detroit, Michigan.

  • Date: July 21, 1898.
    • Groom: Archibald Mcdonell, age 64, of Bay City, b. Nova Scotia, lawyer, parents: Donald & Mary McDonell.
    • Bride: Annie Parsons Taylor, age 38, of Bay City, b. New York, librarian, parents: Joseph Baker & Jennie Sluilenth?.
    • Official: Thomas Rofler, Rector St. James.
    • Withnesses: Frank D. McDonell & Mary McDonell, both from Bay City.

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    Archibald McDonell

  • Death, Feb. 6, 1905
  • 1864: Daughter, Mary, born Mar. 3
  • 1871: Son, Frederick, died May 16, age 11 mos.
  • 1876-77: Bay City mayor
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    Baker, Joseph
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    - Mrs. Henry B. Parsons
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