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Annie F. (Taylor) McDonell (1860-1921)
aka: MacDonell, Parsons, Taylor
  • Added March 15, 2014. - Born in New York, became a prominent librarian in Michigan.
  • Annie came to Michigan at a young age with her parents, Theodore and Mary J. Taylor. who had a family of four, all daughers.. Annie's siblings were Mary, the first born; Harriet, second born; and Edith, the last born. The family lived in Ann Arbor where Annie met and married on August 2, 1883, her fist husband, Henry B. Parsons, whom it appears was a pharmacist. It's assumed about this time Annie was working as a librarian, as in 1891. she was elected secretary of the Michigan Library Association. By 1894, Annie is living in Bay City at that time boarding (without Henry) in the homestead of the Loomis family, and is most likely working at the local library. The next information found on her was here marriage to Archibald McDonnel at Detroit in 1898. Both Annie and Archibald were residents of Bay City, the marriage in Detroit may have been the home for one of their parents. Her marriage to Archibald was cut short by his death in 1905. Throughout this time she remained active with the Michigan Library Association, and holding the position of president during 1912/13.

    Some assumptions have been made to family associations.

    Western Druggist, Vol. 10, 1888

    The School of Pharmacy of the University of Michigan.

    Page 258 (excerpt)

    After a business meeting at 11 o'clock, with President A. B. Stevens in the chair, the memorial for Henry B. Parsons, of the class of '76, was unveiled. The entire professional library of Mr. Parsons was presented, as an addition to the memorial, by his widow Mrs. Anna F. Parsons, an inestimable gift, received with much feeling. Remarks were made by a number of the alumni, and special thanks were voted to Mrs. Parsons and to those most generous pharmaceutical contributors not related to this school who have offered such abundant tokens of their friendship for Mr. Parsons.

    Michigan Library Bulletin, Vol. 12, January-February, 1921.

    Mrs. Annie F. MacDonell

    Mrs. MacDonell, for so many years librarian at Bay City, died on January 11 at her new home in Morristown, New Jersey. Mrs. MacDonell gave up her work about four years ago, going to Morristown to be with her daughter, Miss Mary Parsons, who is in charge of the public library.

    The warm spirit of friendliness and of personal interest in the Michigan Library Association is due in largest measure to the personality of Mrs. MacDonell who was elected secretary at the first meeting in 1891 in Detroit.

    Perhaps it was not very difficult in those early days to know all who attended the meetings, but the home feeling which all newcomers felt at once was quickly traced to her generous thoughtfulness, and every one seemed happy in passing it on. She was Mrs. Parsons then, and as secretary her fine business methods and her vital interest were of untold value in the struggling little association. There were practically no precedents to follow for Michigan was one of the first half dozen state organizations, and I believe Mrs. MacDonell never missed a meeting save during the few years when she withdrew from library work, the last being at Lansing in 1916. At the Ann Arbor meeting in 1915, the twenty-fifth, most fittingly, it was she who offered the resolutions of affection and regret that ill health forbade the presence of Mr. Utley. To the work of Mr. Utley with the loyal assistance of Mrs. MacDonell the State association owes the deepest debt.

    It is impossible to write of Mrs. MacDonell without paying personal tribute as well as professional to her memory. Few librarians so nearly attain the ideal as a leader in the social and intellectual affairs of the community; few are able to attain to her high standards in the Bay City library; few women so grace every occasion which claims her interest. We remember her in the office of president and secretary, and as the queenly hostess at the annual dinner to the guests of honor, and we think very often to the dear friend who so kindly and so generously gave us help and inspiration and a zest for all that is highest and finest in librarianship and in life.

    G. M. W.

    Addition Notes:

    1870 - Census: Michigan.

    • Taylor, Theodore - age 41, b. NY
    • Mary J., wife - age 43, b. NY
    • Mary B. - age 18, b. NY
    • Harriet L. - 16, b. NY
    • Clara S. - 13, b. NY
    • Anna F. - 11, b. NY
    • Edith W. - 4 b. MI

    1880 - Census: Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, Michigan.

    • Taylor, Theodore - age 53, b. NY
    • Mary, wife - age 53, b. MI
    • Lerch, Theodore, - g-son - age 0, b. MI
    • Lerch, Linus, - son-in-law -age 30, b. NY
    • Taylor, Harriet, daughter - age 26, b. NY
    • Taylor, Annie, daugher - age 21, b. NY
    • Lerch, Mary, daughter - age 28, b. MI
    • Taylor, Edith, daughter - age 14, MI

    1883- Michigan Marriages: Washtenaw, Michigan.

    • Date: Aug. 2, 1883.
    • Groom: Harry B. Parsons - b. 1856, Asia Minor.
    • Bride: Annie F. Taylor - b. 1859, NY

    1894 - Census: Bay City, Bay, MI.

    • Annie Parsons, age 34, boarder at the homestead of David D. and Helen B. Loomis.

    1898 - Michigan Marriages: Detroit, Michigan.

    • Date: July 21, 1898.
    • Groom: Archibald Mcdonell, age 64, of Bay City, b. Nova Scotia, lawyer, parents: Donald & Mary McDonell.
    • Bride: Annie Parsons Taylor, age 38, of Bay City, b. New York, librarian, parents: Joseph Baker & Jennie Sluilenth(?).
    • Official: Thomas Rofler, Rector St. James.
    • Withnesses: Frank D. McDonell & Mary McDonell, both from Bay City.

    1898 -- Census: Michigan Marriages - Detroit, Michigan.

    • Groom: Archibald McDonell, b. 1834, Nova Scotia, son of Donald and Mary McDonell.
    • Bride: Annie F. Taylor Parsons, b. 1860, New York, daughter of Theodore and Minnie S. Taylor

    1900 - Census: Bay City, Bay County, MI

    • McDonald, Archie - age 67, b. Canada
    • Annie, wife - age 41, b. NY
    • Mannie, daughter - age 31, b. MI
    • Louise, daughter - age 23, b. MI
    • Jessie, daughter - age 11, b. MI
    • Geneve, daughter - age 18
    • Winifred, daughter - age 15
    • Parsons, Mary - step-daughter, age 15

    1912-13 Annie served as President of Michigan Library Association.

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