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John McEwan (1825-82)
Born in Glasgow, Scotland, emigrated in 1851 to Bay City, MI.

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The History of Lake Huron Shore, Michigan, H.R. Page, 1883


John McEwan died in Bay City, January 26, 1882. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in the year 1825. In 1846 he married Miss Margaret Pollock, who still survives him. In 1848 they came to this country with the two brothers, William and Alexander. Upon reaching New York, he had an opportunity to take a voyage as engineer on the steamship “Unicorn,” then about to start for California he accepted the position, and was absent about two years. In 1851 he settled in Lower Saginaw, his wife having come with William and Alexander. He then went into business as already stated, and continued it until his death. His wife and six children survive him. He was a prompt and successful business man.

1882 Death memorial. (Added Feb., 2009)

Pioneer Collections, Michigan State Historical Society, 1884


Memorial Report by W. R. McCormick.


John McEwan died in Bay City, January 26, 1882. Mr. McEwan was one of the early pioneers, and one of the most prominent lumbermen of the Saginaw valley.

He was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in the year 1825, where he learned the trade of machinist and engineer. At the age of twenty-one he married Miss Margaret Pollock. In 1848 he was offered a position as chief engineer on Her Majesty's steamship Unicorn, then about to make a cruise to the Pacific ocean, which position he was to hold for two and one-half years.

It was arranged between himself and wife before he left Scotland, that she should go to America and remain with his father and brothers until his term of service on the Unicorn expired, and that he would rejoin her at his father's, in Lower Saginaw, now Bay City, and settle down in some permanent business. He came to Lower Saginaw in 1851, where he found his wife and child. He then went into the lumbering business with his brothers, William and Alexander, in the northern limits of what is now Bay City, where they built extensive saw-mills. Soon after Alexander died, and the business was continued by William and John until a few years since, when William retired with a competency, John still continued the business under the name of John McEwan and Son, until his death.

He leaves a wife and six children to mourn their loss. Mr McEwan was much respected as a prompt business man. Honest in all his dealings, few persons had more or warmer friends. Those who knew him best loved him most. His death is a great loss to the business community of the Saginaw valley.

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  • John was among founding members the First Prysbyterian church of Bay City.
  • The mill owned by the McEwan brothers was located near the river off what is now Woodside Ave.
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