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Rosseauo Owen Crump (1843-1901)
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Portrait and Biographical Record of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan.
Portrait Publishing Co., Chicago (1892)


The Secretary and General Manager of the Crump’s Manufacturing Company, of West Bay City, was born in Pittsford, Monroe County, N. Y., May 20, 1843. His parents Samuel and Sarah (Cutting) Crump, were born respectively in Kent and Suffolk Counties, England, where they were reared and soon after their marriage in 1841 came to the United States, settling in Pittsford, N. Y., in April, 1842, where his father carried on the business he had learned in old England, that of builder and contractor, and conducted it successfully until his death in 1885. He left behind him an honored name, that his oldest son, the subject of our sketch, may well feel proud of.

After receiving his education in the schools of Pittsford and Rochester, N. Y., working with his father in the summer and going to school during the winter until he was nineteen years old, Mr. Crump then looked Westward for an opening in some business and coming as far was Western Ontario he visited for a time with relatives, then worded nearly two years at wagon work. He also helped build one of the largest barges on the lakes and after it was finished in the fall of 1864 took a trip on her as ship carpenter, going the whole length of Lakes Erie, Huron and Michigan, stopping at Detroit, Port Huron, Mackinaw, Milwaukee and Chicago.

After taking that trip Mr. Crump followed the lumber business and in June, 1865, we find him located as salesman in Col. A. D. Streight’s (of Libby Prison fame) lumber yards in Indianapolis, Ind. He was engaged there for nearly a year when ill health compelled him to go back to his friends in the East. After recruiting his health he engaged with Dart Brothers of Buffalo, and bought lumber for them throughout Ontario, then a great lumber market, shipping it on small vessels to Buffalo. This he followed until the winter of 1868.

In March, 1868 Mr. Crump married Miss Phebe A. Tucker, of Craigsville, N. Y., and again looking Westward for a place to settle we find him in Winona, Minn. where he was engaged in the planing mill and lumber yard of Laird, Norton & Co. Not liking the extreme cold weather of Minnesota he located in the spring of 1869 at Plainwell, Mich., where he built his first home. There until the winter of 1873 he was engaged in the planing mill and lumber business, when ill health again compelled him to go East to his native town of old Pittsford. Sending for his family he went into business building a planing mill in connection with a lumber yard; also doing general building and contract work.

Mr. Crump followed that successfully until the dull times of 1878 in the East compelled him to again look Westward and closing out his interests in Pittsford, he moved a portion of his machinery to Simcoe, Ontario. Forming a partnership with his uncle, James Cutting, he carried on the planing mill, sash, door and blinds, stave and heading business for two years. In June, 1881, he with his wife was making a tour of the Lakes and Northern Michigan, and stopped to visit with relatives in Bay City. Being impressed with the push and business energy of the two Bay Cities, he, after returning home opened up a correspondence and negotiated with A. C. Haven of West Bay City, which finally resulted in their moving their entire plant to this city. He brought a crew of men with him, and they built their first mill, commencing it September 1, 1881, and starting up the whole establishment in the following November.

In the fall of 1883 Mr. Crump purchase his uncle’s interest in the business and in February, 1884, the corporation of the Crump Manufacturing Company was formed by him. Dropping the retail lumber, sash, door and blind business they embarked in the box business, aiming to do a strictly wholesale business, selling boxes and box shooks in carload lots throughout our whole country. His success as manager of the business is shown in the growth from a small beginning to its present size. Their new factory planned by him and built under his personal supervision, is acknowledged by good judges as being the best built and arranged factory of its kind, also one of the largest in the country, and his pleasant quarters in their elegant offices is a just reward for his untiring energy with business push and industry. It is also a good illustration of what can be accomplished in this great country of ours by any young man if he steadily pursues a course of industry, economy and honest dealings.

The union of Mr. and Mrs. Crump has been blessed with a family of one son and four daughters. The two eldest, Shelley C. and Miller were born in Plainwell, Mich.; Mabel A. was born in Pittsford, N. Y., and the two youngest, Enid and Susie were both born in West Bay City. In politics Mr. Crump is a Republican of the stalwart type. He served his adopted city as Alderman for four years, and in the fall of 1890 allowed his friends to run him for the State Legislature and in a district with a Democratic majority of some four hundred ran ahead of his ticket carrying his own city, and his opponent only beating him by one hundred and thirteen votes.

The religious views of Mr. Crump are of the Liberal order, believing in free thought, but he attends the church of his forefathers, the Episcopal Church of England. He is also an active Mason, having been one of the first Trustees of the Masonic Temple Association. He is a member of the Wenona Lodge, Blanchard Chapter, the Bay City Commandry, the Michigan Sovereign Consistory of Detroit and Moslem Temple, and the Ancient Order of United Workmen, fully believing in its teaching of charity and good fellowship to all mankind.

Michigan Biographies, Michigan Historical Commission - 1924 (Page 215)


Member of Congress, 1895-7 to 1901.
Was born at Pittsford, Monroe County, N. Y., May 20, 1843, and received his education in the Pittsford and Rochester schools;
followed the lumber business and established his first home in Plainwell, Mich.
He was a Republican in politics.
He served West Bay City as Alderman for four years, and in the spring of 1892 was nominated and elected Mayor of West Bay City, and was re-elected in 1894;
elected a Representative to the Fifty-fourth Congress; re-elected to the Fifty-fifth, Fifty-sixth, and Fifty-seventh Congress.
He died at West Bay City, Mich., May 1, 1901.

LIbrary of Congress Biography


CRUMP, Rousseau Owen, a Representative from Michigan;
born in Pittsford, Monroe County, N.Y., May 20, 1843;
attended the public schools in Pittsford and Rochester;
moved to Plainwell, Mich., in 1869 and engaged in the lumber business in Allegan and Kalamazoo Counties;
moved to West Bay City in 1881 and established a sawmill and box factory;
member of the board of aldermen 1889-1892; mayor of West Bay City 1893-1895;
member of the State house of representatives 1895-1901;
elected as a Republican to the Fifty-fourth and to the three succeeding Congresses and served from March 4, 1895, until his death in West Bay City, Mich., May 1, 1901;
chairman, Committee on Mines and Mining (Fifty-sixth Congress);
interment in Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City, Bay County, Mich.

Additional Notes:

    1850 - Cenus: PIttsford, Monroe, NY.
    Crump, Samuel - b. 1822, England
    Sarah, wife - b. 1822, England
    Rosanna, dau. - b. 1843, NY
    Shelly, son - b. 1845, NY
    Angelio, son, - b. 1847, NY
    Adelia, dau., b. 1850, NY
    Cutting, Susan, relative - b. 1834, England

    1875 - Census: Pittsford, Monre, NY.
    Crump, Roupean 0. - b. 1843, NY
    Phebe, wife - b. 1847
    Shelly, son - b. 1869
    Amelia, dau. - b. 1872

    1900 - Census: West Bay City, Bay, MI.
    Crump, Rousseau O. - age 57, b. NY
    Phoebe, wife - age 53, b. NY
    Mildred S, dau. - age 28, b. MI
    Mable A., dau. - age 25, b. NY
    Enie A., dau. - age 17, b. MI
    Susie M., dau. - age 12, b. MI

    1901 - Michigan Deaths: West Bay City, Bay, Mich.
    Rosseau O. Crump b. 1844, died May 1, 1901, son of Samuel Crump and Sarah Cutling.

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