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John B. Moritz (1855-1917?)
Native of Port Washington, WI and resident of Bay City, MI.

History of Bay County, MI and Representative Citizens (1905),
by Augustus H. Gansser.


John B. Moritz, secretary, treasurer and general manager of the Bay City Brewing Company, was born at Port Washington, Wisconsin, May 26, 1855, and has been a resident of Bay City since the early part of 1884.

Mr. Moritz was educated in the schools of Port Washington and Milwaukee. At the age of 16 years he accompanied his parents to Germany, and during the subsequent three years visited all the leading breweries of Europe in order to acquaint himself with all the methods and details of manufacture. Mr. Moritz was 19 years old when he returned to Milwaukee, and he then entered the employ of the Philip Best Brewing Company as a brewer. Two years later he became foreman of the Ozaukee County Malting company and remained with that organization for 31 months. His next business connection, prior to coming to Bay City, January 1, 1884, was with the Hansen Hop & Malt Company as superintendent of the malt house and as traveling salesman.

The Bay City Brewing Company is one of the old business concerns of this place, the present name having been adopted in 1884. It was established originally by Van Meter & Company, who came to Bay City from Albany, New York. The product they manufactured was known as the “Present Use” ale. About 1873 Charles E. Young interested himself with them and the business was carried on, first under his name, and later, as Charles E. Young & Company. At this period the brewery began the manufacture of lager beer in a small way, and the business was conducted on these lines until 1884, when it was reorganized and incorporated under the present firm style of Bay City Brewing Company. The officers at organization were: Charles E. Young, president; John B. Moritz, vice-president; Walter Young, secretary and president; and Louis Moritz, superintendent. Both Mr. Young and Louis Moritz died in 1902. The present officers of the company are: W. D. Young, president; W. A. Young, vice-president; and John B. Moritz, secretary, treasurer and general manager.

In 1902 a brick brew house was erected, four stories high, 170 by 55 feet in ground dimensions, but by 1905 the growth of the business had been such as to necessitate the building of a bottle house 108 by 86 feet, two stories high, which is also constructed of brick. The company employs about 25 experienced men, and the product is sold mainly through Michigan.

Mr. Moritz was married to Marie Gavord, of Bay City, and they have two sons, -- Adolph and Louis. Mr. Moritz is an enterprising and public spirited man. He has a wide acquaintance through the State and is personally very popular in Bay City. He is a member of the Lodge No. 88, B. P. O. E., and other organizations.

Additional Notes.

    1887 - Report Supt. of Water Works, Bay City, Mich.

  • Lois Mortiz appointed member of Water Works Board to fill vacancy left by Andrew Van Den Brooks. Louis held this position until 1899 when left the board and Home E. Buck filled his vacancy.

    1888 - Michigan Births: Bay City, Mich.

  • Charles James Moritz, born Nov. 17, 1888, son of Louis and Anna Moritz.

    1893 - Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Moritz, Miss Bertha, bds 201 McCormick.
  • Moritz, John B. - sec and treas Bay City Brewing Co., res 1105 Broadway.
  • Moritz, Louis, supt Bay City Brewing Co., res 201 McCormick.
  • Moritz, Tillie - domestic, 702 Center ave.

    1893 - Michigan Deaths: Bay City, Mich.

  • Gertrude Moritz, born 1887, died Oct. 6, 1893, daughter of Louis and Anna Moritz.

    1895 - Missouri Deaths: Bay City, Mich.

  • Alma Moritz, born 1884, died Aug. 12, 1895, daughter of Louis and Annie Moritz.

    1898 - The Michigan Mine, Vols 1-2

  • Louis Moritz president of the Bay Coal Mine, when it was organized in 1896.

    1900 - Census: Bay City, Mich.

  • Moritz, John B. - b. May 1856, Wisc.
  • Maria, wife - Jul. 1859, Mich.
  • Adolph, son - Jan. 1892
  • Louis, son - b. Dec. 1894
  • Doyle, Alice - servant, b. Jan. 1882

    1909 - Convention by U.S. Brewer's Association.

  • John B. Moritz attended the convention held in Milwaukee, Wis. on June 9th and 10th.

    1912 - The Insurance Press, Vol. 44, 1917.

  • Insurance claim on policy of John B. Moritz of $12,000.
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