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Clark Moulthrop (1812-1901)
Born in Seymour, Conn., prominent lumber businessman in Bay City, Mich.

1883 Biography. - Added Oct., 2009.

History of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michgian, 1892


The portrait on the opposite page is that of one of the citizens of Bay City, who has very nearly reached his fourscore years. He was born December 6, 1812, in Seymour, nine miles from New Haven, Conn., and is a son of Seba and Catherine (Fowler) Moulthrop. The father was a descendant of the distinguished Colonial family of that name, and was, when his son was young, a hotel-keeper and farmer. During the War of 1812 he was one of a company who built vessels and provided edibles for the Colonial soldiers.

The education advantages enjoyed by our subject were limited. In his youth he attended school in Connecticut, but his knowledge of men and of facts has been gained by later reading and actual experience in the world. Losing his father at the age of sixteen, he began to learn the mason's trade, but soon conceived a dislike for it and turned his attention to the trade of a carpenter and joiner. He apprenticed himself for three years with the agreement that he was to receive $36 per year for his services, and was to clothe himself. On the failure of the second party to fulfill his part of the contract, our subject left him after a year and a half, and worked independently at the same trade.

After spending some time in South Carolina, Mr. Moulthrop went to Dorchester, near London, Ontario, in 1840, and there remained for eight years. He was then engaged in lumbering. In 1850 he came to Bay City, and began to operate as a contractor and builder. After locating here he was engaged in buying and shipping lumber with the Yankee firm name M. & T., but after a time he bought out his partner's interest and continued alone. In 1863 with John S. Taylor and his brother, Granis Moulthrop, he engaged in the lumber and salt manufacture, the mills being located at Bangor, which is now know as Banks.

On his brother's decease, in 1870, our subject bought out his interest in the business and increased the capacity of the mill to one hundred thousand feet per day, and to one hundred barrels of salt. He also owned considerable equity in Northern lands, and with his brother and brother-in-law, Joseph Whitamore, of Detroit, had nine thousand acres on Pine River. He continued in active business until about 1880, when he sold out his equities, and is now retired.

Mr. Moulthrop has been interested in the First National Bank, being one of its heavy stockholders until the time of its re-organization, and also serving as Director for four or five years. He was the owner of forty acres of land in West Bay City, located on Midland and Center Streets. This is sub-divided into town lots and has sold at a handsome profit; he still owns a number of the finest of these lots, that will inevitably increase in value with the growth of the city.

Our subject is the owner of a beautiful home on the corner of Center and Farragut Streets, the site including four lots which he bought twenty-one years ago. The residence is a model of convenience and elegance. Mr. Moulthrop was married to to Miss Elizabeth D. Whitamore, January 27, 1858. She was born in Nashua, N. H. Her family removed soon after her birth to Boston, where she received her early education. Later her father located in Rome, N. Y., where he died; he was a man of wealth and influence. Nathaniel Whitamore came to this city and was engaged in its early enterprises. His sister, Elizabeth D., came to visit him, when she me our subject, and soon after was married to him. Mrs. Moulthrop died April 16, 1871, leaving the following children: Addie W., Bessie F., and Harry C. The latter is now the Teller and Assistant Cashier in the Bay City Bank. Bessie is the wife of William Hawgood, of Cleveland, Ohio.

Our subject has been Treasurer of the city two times, but his public service was many years ago. Socially he is a member of Joppa Lodge of Bay City, F. & A. M. On first coming to this place, in company with six others, in 1850, there were only two mills here, and no buildings east of Water Street, which ran down to the river as far as the central freight station. It was a wilderness down to the marsh, and there the river took a turn and went south to where Thirty-fifth Street now extends.

Additional Notes.

  • Mr. Moulthrop died Dec. 10, 1901, and is buried at Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City, MI.

    1858 - Michigan Marriages: Bay City.

  • Date: Jan. 26, 1858.
  • Clark Moulthrop, age 37, married Lizzie D. Whittemore, age 23.

    1867 - Michigan Gazeteter Directory.

  • Taylor and Moulthrop (John S. Taylor and Clark Moulthrop), salt and lumber manufacturers (at Bangor), office on Water.

    1870 - Census: Bay City, Michigan.

  • Moulthrop, Clark - age 56, b. Conn., lumber & salt mfr.
  • Lizzie - age 36, b. New Hampshire
  • Addie - age 9, b. Mich.
  • Harry - age 7, b. Mich.
  • Bessie - age 1, b. Mich.
  • McFarland, Mary - age 21, b. Scotland, domestic servant
  • Wells, Jennie - age 20, b. N.Y., music teacher
  • Whittemore, Lottie - age 19, b. N.Y., without occupation
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