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Harry Clark Moulthrop (1862-1944)
Born in Bay City, Mich, engaged in banking and crockery businesses.

History of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan, 1892


Although he has not yet reached the prime of life, Mr. Moulthrop has become closely identified with the public affairs as Assistant Cashier of the Bay City Bank, and a member of the firm of Ueberroth & Co., dealers in crockery and glassware. In recording the events of his life, perchance the biographical writer of a half-century hence will find rare pleasure in narrating the honors and emoluments which will have been bestowed upon him. At present we can only record the principal happenings in life of less than thirty years, and note the steps by which he has risen from an humble clerkship to his present responsible position. His life affords another illustration of the power of conscientious perseverance and honest industry in crowning labors with the most complete success.

The house in which Mr. Moulthrop was born stood on the corner of Fourth and Saginaw Streets, in Bay City, and was occupied by Clark and Elizabeth Moulthrop, parents of our subject and pioneers of the city. Harry C. was born May 23, 1862, and passed his boyhood days in his father's home, amid mingled work and play. At an early age he commenced to acquire the rudiments of his education in the common school, which he continued to attend until he had passed through the various grades to the High School. There the fund of knowledge previously obtained was supplemented by an excellent course of instruction, which equipped the diligent pupil for a practical business life.

During his vacations Mr. Moulthrop engaged as clerk for his father in his grocery store, and afterward became clerk in Gibson's grocery establishment at the foot of Center Street. He made his first engagement with the Bay City Bank as collector, and was promoted from that position successively to the positions of collections clerk, book-keeper, general book-keeper, discount clerk, teller and assistant cashier. He became teller and assistant cashier September 6, 1890, and is now serving efficiently and with marked ability in that capacity. February 19, 1889, he became interested in the firm of Ueberroth & Co. on Center Street in the Shearer Block, and has continued in the firm since, having been with it when its fine new building was put up in 1891 at No. 816 N. Washington Street.

In his social relations Mr. Moulthrop was one of the charter members of the Bay City Club and was (missing)... over by his wife, to whom he was married October 19, 1889. Mrs. Moulthrop bore the maiden name of Mary G. Crippen and prior to her marriage resided in Saginaw, East Side. Her parents are Charles and Marjorie (Grant) Crippen. A lady of superior and universal esteem of the people of Bay City, and is prominent in its social circles.

Brief biography of son, Ralph C. Moulthrop. - Added Jan., 2011.

Who's Who In Construction Division of U.S. Army -


Second Lieutenant. Quartermaster Corps; age 26 years; commissioned September 16, 1918; entered service September 19, 1918. As a enlisted man, assigned to Camp Custer, Mich.; was made sergeant first class, and Assistant to Officer in charge of Buildings and Grounds: duties included the ordering and checking of materials, the approval of invoices, as well as seeing that orders were carried out thoughout the Utilities Department; after being commissioned assigned as Assistant Administrative Officer, in charge of supplies and personnel work.

Born Bay City, Mich.; member of Lambda Sigma Fraternity. In 1911, engaged in lumber business in Portland, Ore.; employed by the Portland Lumber Co. for one year and the Peninsular Lumber Co. for three years; 1915, assistant to manager of the Hine Lumber Co., Detroit, Mich.; 1917, in independent business, as secreatry and treasurer of the Western Mill & Construction Co., contractors and builders, Detroit, Mich.

Additional Notes.

    Descendants of Thomas Tracy of Lenox. (1900)

  • Mary Grant Crippin, born Sept. 10, 1866, daughter of Charles A. and Marjanna Maria (Grant) Crippin, married Harry Clark Moulthrop.
  • Emma Julia Crippin, born Oct. 3, 1869, daughter of Charles A. and Marjanna Maria (Grant) Crippin, married at Saginaw, Guy Henry Moulthrop (born Oct., 25, 1856, Bay City, son of Granas (Grannis) and Mary Clay Moulthrop. - Mr. Moulthrop is a vessel owner and prominent lumberman in Bay City, Mich.

    1893 - Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Ueberroth, Christopher H (Ueberroth & Co.), res 608 N Monroe.
  • Ueberroth, Henry C, carp., res 1906 4th ave.
  • Ueberroth, Leonard, res 714 6th.
  • Ueberroth & Co. (Christopher H Ueberroth, Harry C. Moulthrop, George E Markham), Glassware and Wall Paper, 816 Washington ave.

    1900 - Census: West Bay City, Mich.

  • Moulthrop, Harry C. - b. May 23, 1853 Mich.
  • Mary G., wife, b. Sept. 10, 1866 New York
  • Ralph C., son, b. Mar. 10, 1892 Mich.
  • Frank N., son, b. Nov. 30, 1895 Mich.
  • Clark M., father,b. Dec. 6, 1812 Conn.
  • Rehbein, Liggis, servant, b. Mar. 26, 1880 Mich.

    1944 - Bay County Genealogy Society, Mich.

  • Harry C. Moulthrop died Sep. 2, 1944 and Mary G. on Apr. 15, 1932. Both are buried at Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City, MI.

    1919 - Michigan Marriages: Detroit, Wayne, Mich.

  • Date: March 1, 1919. Ralph C. Moulthrop, age 26, son of Harry C. and Mary G. (Crippen) Mouthrop, marriage to Bernice M. Devyer, age 26, daughter of Thomas A. and Mary (Hickey) Devyer.
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