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Bay City Press, First Edition (1859)
Introductory remarks by editor, Wm. A. Bryce.

1859 newspaper. Added Aug., 2005.

Bay City Press -- Wednesday, September 14, 1859.

William A. Bryce, Editor.


In presenting the Bay City Press to the public, we fully realize that we have entered upon an arduous and important undertaking. The enterprise of publishing a week journal, devoted to the promotion of the interests of this locallity, and worthy of support, has been carefully considered, and has not been commenced without a willingness to meet, and a determination to overcome all obstacles which can reasonably be anticipated. The rapid growth and increasing prosperity of thi s village during the past few years, has created a demand for additional facilities for diffusing correct information relative to its advantages, inducements and resources. It is highly important that a knowledge of many facets, proceedings and statistics of a local character, which are now confined within a narrow compass, should be generally known and placed on permanent record. It is our design to supply the demand to which we have alluded.

The Press will be devoted to the general interests of Northern Michigan, while those of our country will receive particular attention, and no pains will be spared, on the part of the publisher, to render it, filled with useful and entertaining reading matter, a welcome visitor at every home in the country. Its matter shall be varied the grave and gay, serious disquisition, fiction, anedote, poetry and current news, will, we trust, give freshness and interest to its columns. The present number is not designed particularly as a specimen, as in its preparation we have met with the embarrassments which usually attend the commencement of such a work. The details of its mechanical execution have occupied a large portion of our time and attention, and we have been without exchanges the great fount from where an editor collects his materials. Many of these difficulties will soon be overcome, and will not have to be encountered again. But however great may be our efforts, such a work as we propose to make cannot be successfully carried on and placed upon a permanent basis, without the cordial co-operation and liberal patronage of the citizens of Bay County.

We desire to return thanks to those liberal-minded and public-spirited gentlemen who have aided us in the establishment of this paper, and we hope the citizens generally will appreciate its advantages, and contribute as liberally to it support as their circumstances will permit, remembering that there is nothing lost in sustaining a public press in their midst for it is a powerful engine which may be wielded for their good, by promoting local and general interests, and furnishing a convenient channel for communications and inter-change of views in relation to them.

In conclusion we extend a cordial invitation to every citizen to give us a call at our office as soon as convenient.

Additional Notes.

    William A. Bryce is credited as having published Bay City's first newspaper of any longevity, in 1859. Its final print was in 1864, when Bryce joined the Civil War as a quartermaster. The paper continued to be publish for a few months John Culbert, who then close the paper and established a new one called the Bay City Journal. After discharged from military service, Bryce located in Marine City, Sanilac Co., Mich., where he died January 15, 1866. [History of Bay Co., MI, Gansser, 1905]
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The Bay City Press was issued weekly on Wednesday. In 1860 its name was changed to the Bay City Press and Times, which it was known as until its last edition was published in 1864, when Wm. A. Bryce, the editor, enlisted in the Civil War.
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