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Richard Padley (1824-1883)
Native of England, MI, prominent in construction business at Bay City, MI.

1915 bio. (Added Feb., 2009)

History of Bay County, Michigan, by Augustus H. Gansser, 1905


Among the many prominent men whose business ability and public service spirit have contributed to the material prosperity of Bay City, the late Richard Padley occupied a leading place. Mr. Padley was born April 25, 1824, near Boston, Lincolnshire, England, and passed away in the fall of 1903, in his 80th year.

Mr. Padley was a younger son of a gentleman farmer in England. In 1852 he emigrated to America with the determination of making a career for himself. Circumstances led to his locating at Bay City, Bay County, Michigan. Here he entered into the industries of the section, working in the timber districts, in sawmills and even on a pile-driver, finding excitement and adventure in this far Western country which made him resolve to remain here permanently. In 1857 he purchased his first farm, located on the Tuscola plank road. This land he cleared and cultivated but never reside upon it, later selling it and going into the shingle business. For five years he was associated with the late Theodore Walker, and then he resumed farming, buying tracts of land in Bangor township. He also followed contracting at Bay City and built many house both on his own and other property.

Mr. Padley also was a maker or constructor of the early macadamized roads about Bay City and not two years before his death he received a letter from the mayor of Detroit, asking him to undertake a contract to construct many miles of such roads in and about Detroit. As he had retired from business over 30 years before, he wrote and declined the work.

Mr. Padley was prominent in civic affairs and accepted public office when called upon by his fellow-citizens to do so, serving as supervisor, as a member of the School Board and alderman. His business interests were numerous and he was financially connected with many of the city's most successful enterprises. Mr. Padley was one of the founders of Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church, of Bay City.

By his first marriage, with Mary Barton, Mr. Padley has two daughters, -- Charlotte (Mrs. Henry W. Weber), of West Bay City, and Eliza who died in infancy. On July 18, 1891, in London, England, he was married to the talented lady who still survives him, -- Phillis Donnison, who is a daughter Frederick Donnison, of the Stock Exchange, and Angel Park Gardens, Southwest London. Since the death of Mr. Padley, Mrs. Padley has admirably managed his large interests. She occupies one of the most elegant home in Bay City and many of the exquisite paintings, which adorn this perfect home, are the works of this artistic lady's brush. Her standing among artists in London is very high. She has exhibited a number of fine landscapes in the London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester and Newcastle-on-Tyne annual exhibitions of the Bay City Woman's Club and has prepared many interesting papers of literary excellence for this society.

Additional Notes:

    1860 - Census: Bay City, Bay, MI.
    Padley, Richard b. 1825, England
    Mary, wife - b 1825, England
    Charlotte, dau. - b. 1856, MI

    1870 - Census: Bay City, Bay, MI.
    Padley, Richard - b. 1824-25, England
    Mary, wife - b. 1829-30, England
    Charlotte, dau. - b. 1854-55, MI

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