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The Park City Article & Other News Items (1884)
Bay City, MI

Transcribed Feb. 2004.

The Daily Tribune - Saturday, November 8, 1884



The Different City Parks -- Their Value Improvements During the Past Year -- Fine Pieces of Property.

A stranger to Bay City in looking over the place during a tour of inspectioon cannot but be favorably impressed with the progress made in the way of public parks. A spirit of improvement in this direction has been manifested by the city government for only the past two or three years, and the improvements since that time are beginning to be realized by the citizens of the city, who had heretofore paid no, or at least little attention to the important question of parks, which will in the future be appreciated even more than they seem to be at present. When the city becomes more populous, and the outskirts more thickly settled, a desire will grow for some quiet, pleasant places in which to pass the warm evenings of summer, and as a rendezvous the parks will be naturally brought into requisition. And, in case of any public demonstration, when a suitable roomy place is wanted, such place can be furnished.


The most important park, if not the most valuable in the pecuniary light, is Carroll, donated the city by Mr. Fitzhugh, which lies east of Carney road and north of Center street. It can be entered on the west by Fourth or Third streets. It is an angular shaped piece of property containing 15 acres or thereabouts. The Michigan Central railroad curving to the right forms the northern and eastern boundary. It is supplied with four boulevards and other driveways. A boulevard has been opened and graded this season to Center street by the way of Ringgold street, the most easterly throroughfare in the Second ward. Opening on Center street, west of Ringgold street, are two boulevards leading to Center street. On the opposite side of Center these boulevards are continued to Twelfth street, and are known as Green avenue, names after the Hon. S.M. Green who donated the property to the city. The drives have been lined with shade trees, and only time is required to bring them out in verdure and beauty and give to the avenue a most handsome and picturesque appearance. The park itself is also furnished with shade trees, recently planted, bsides those which grew wildly without the attention of human hands. The grass and sod is yet of wild nature, and requires a few years' of labor to be brought down to a condition of "tameness."

At the Center street opening of the park opposite Green street avenue is an oddly shaped monument built of stones picked from the park. At its base is a circular flower bed, and up its sides plants and flowers are growing. Its eccentricity makes it attractive.

North of the railroad in Carroll park plat City Surveyor Turner has recently laid out or extended six thoroughfares, namely, Florence, Helen, Duplante, Anne, North and Livingston. They are "short and sweet" so to speak, being studded on the sides with beautiful maples, elms, oaks and other forest trees.

During the past summer, Carroll park has been the scene of several pic-nics and pleasure gatherings of the city folks. Being so near the residence portion of the city, it is very handy and businessmen and families can take their noonday meals there without the loss of much time.


Washington avenue park, bounded by Washington, First, Jefferson and Second streets, is a piece of property about 600 feet long and 300 feet wide. During the seasons of 1883-84 it has been greatly improved. Several thousand loads of earth have been hauled upon it, and graded. It has a gradual uniform slope from the center to all sides. Diagonal walks have been laid out, and also walks prolongating with Adams street. A complete system of tile drainage has been made, and rows of trees set out, which will in a few years make the park a pleasant retreat. In the exact center of the park stands a handsome elm tree. A walk which unites all the others has been laid around it in the shape of a large circle. The walks are made of sand and gravel, six inches of the former dressing of the latter of the same thickness. The property for park purposes is value at about $20,000. This includes the expense connected with improving it.


Madison avenue park is the same size as Washington and has the same value. It has had the same improvements made to it, but has had the advantage of one year's growth of grass and foliage, having been completed in 1883. It is bounded by Madison, Ninth, Jackson and Tenth streets. It was the scene of the large Blain and Butler political meetings the present fall.


At the junction of Center and Jefferson streets consists of four plazas, 100 x 100 feet each. They are improved and during the summer season present a fine appearance. Flower bed adorn the western couple, while handsomely painted fountain play in the others.


The residents of the southern end of city desiring a park, the common council effected the purchase of a piece of property on Thirty-fifth street at a cost of $3,500, and will improve it, beginning next season.

Other News Appearing on Same Page.

Bear in mind Goeschel & Hodgkins sell fresh oysters at Detroit jobbing price.

For millinery, elegant, artistic and fashionable go to the old stand of W. & J. Sempliner.

Election is over. Let us forget and forgive, and resolve to behave ourselves in the future.

Fine giit edged butter to-day at Richard Ferris family grocery, corner Third and Monroe streets.

The prohibition vote on congressman in Tuscola county, with six townships to hear from, is 242.

Spring chickens, fine turkeys, oysters, ate to-day at Richard Ferris, corner Third and Monroe streets.

"It is a cold day when the republican party gets left." The foregoing is not new or original, but it is true.

A late dispatch intimates that Belva Lockwoods has countermanded the order for a new $29 bonnet for her inaugeration.

Pay your bets and then go out behind the house and adminster to yourself a good kicking. Swearing off will never cure you of the foolish habit.

A pipe, the bowl of which is said to be over 100 years old is on exhibition at the Campbell house. It is the property of old Shop-ne-gon of Grayling.

It is earnestly requested that all parties intending to make an exhibit at the Art Loan exhibition will bring their exhibits at once as the committees are in waiting for them.

Bob Campbell was seen yesterday anxiously watching the postoffice. He says he doesn't expect to occupy it himself, but wants to be sure and see the rush of partriots who think they will.

The ever popular Uncle Tom's Cabin, with a car load of elaborate scenery, a cash of dogs and a donkey, will arrive in this city to-day. Matinee this afternoon and performance this evening.

The October output of copper at the Calumet mine was 1,436 tons, Quincy 154, Atlantic 202, Frankln 200, Allottez 145, Huron 125, Peninsular 80, Copper Falls 61, Hancock 40. Total, 2,639 tons.

A.M. Beaudin, of the Evening Press office, suffered an affliction in the loos of his little child Eugene, seven months old, from inflammation of the lungs, yesterday morning. Mr. Beaudin has the sympathy of all his friends.

The machinery taken from the ruins of J.C. Liken's stave mill, recently burned at Unionville, is being overhauled and repaired at Wickes Bros. machine shop in Saginaw preparatory to being placed in a new mill.

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    Beaudin, A.M.
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    Ferris, Richard
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    Liken, J.C.
    Lockwoods, Belva
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