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Franklin Eddy Parker (1867-)
Native of Bangor, MI, resident and business man in Bay City.

1912 bio. (Contributed by Jim Petrimoulx, Nov., 2008)

Bay City Tribune, Sunday, March 10, 1912 (Page 4)

New President Of National
Lumbermen Long In Forefront
In Bay City Business Life

Franklin Eddy Parker, elected president of the National Wholesale Lumber Dealers association at the annual convention held at Louisville, Ky, Wednesday and Thursday of last week, has been prominent in Bay City many years. Although the Mershon, Eddy, Parker Co.’s big plant is located at Mershon, opposite of Saginaw it is entirely owned in Bay City. It is one of the largest plants of its kind in the country and has handled 50,000,000 to 75,000,000 feet of lumber annually. The stock comes chiefly from the Georgian bay district of Ontario.

The big saw mill of Eddy Bros. & Co. at Blind River, Ont, furnishes the bulk of its annual cut-about 30,000,000 feet - to the Mershon, Eddy, Parker Co. and large blocks of manufactured lumber are purchased of other manufacturers over there and imported to the Saginaw river. The company owns a steam barge and two consorts which freight lumber across the lake for the firm, and other vessels are chartered as needed for the purpose. The distribution of the product is made by raft.

Comes of Lumbering Stock

Mr. Parker was born in Bangor, Me. January 28, 1867 and comes of lumbering stock. Maine has furnished a large number of men who have been prominent in the Michigan lumber industry. His parents were Edward Everett Parker and Laura Matilda (Eddy) Parker. Mr. Parker had the advantage of obtaining an education. He was graduated from the Boston Latin school in June 1885, and from Harvard university in 1889.

After leaving college he traveled in Europe a few months, took a law course at Harvard, and began his business career as a railroad man in the service of the Montana Union Railroad at Butte, Mont. A year later he became chief clerk in the general agent’s office of the Union Pacific railway at Butte. In August 1891 he came to Bay City and assumed the position of commercial agent of the Flint & Pere Marquette railroad . In 1893 he was made superintendent of the water lines of the Flint & Pere Marquette at Ludington, and in 1894 he entered the lumber business as secretary and treasurer of the Eddy, Sheldon Co. in Bay City. In 1901 he became secretary and treasurer of Mershon, Schutte, Parker & Co., later merged into Mershon, Eddy, Parker & Co. of which he became president in October, 1908.

His Activities Varied

His activities in varied directions are shown in the following:

1902-1903 -President Saginaw Valley Lumber dealers association.
1901 to date- Trustee National Wholesale Lumber Dealers association.
1901 to date- Director First National bank, Bay City, Mich.
1905 to 1906- School Trustee Bay city; vestryman Trinity church Bay City; member of the Bay City club; Saginaw club; Saginaw Country club, Bay City Country club; Harvard club of New York City.

Mr. Parker inherited the lumber business from his mothers side, who was the oldest child of Colonel Jonathan Eddy of Bangor, Me. Senior partner of Eddy, Murphy & Co. of Bangor from which sprang Eddy, Avery & Eddy; Eddy Bros & Co., and S. J. Murphy, all of Michigan and a number of well known lumber concerns . He was named for the late J. Frank Eddy of Eddy, Avery & Eddy and Eddy Bros. & Co.

Mershon, Eddy, Parker Co. (formerly Mershon, Schutte, Parker & Co.) was formed in 1901 by a consolidation of the W. B. Mershon& Co., the William Schutte & Co. and the S. L. Eastman Co. of Saginaw and the Eddy, Sheldon Co. of Bay City all engaged in the wholesale white pine business. W B. Mershon the first president of the company retired in 1907 and was followed by William Schutte, who retired in 1908. Mershon, Eddy, Parker & Co. have a large business in white pine lumber, rough and dressed, boxes, sash, doors and blinds, window frames and moldings, handling as high as 75,000,000 feet a year of those manufactured products in mixed and straight car loads, and has been a pioneer in this line of business.

Have Pleasant Home Here

Mr. Parker was married March 23, 1892 at Salt Lake City to Mary Beecher Bishop. Three children have blessed this union . The family resides in a happy and pleasant home at 1911 Center avenue this city.

Class of 1889, Harvard University College, Thirtieth Anniversary - June, 1919

In Memoriam.


Franklin Eddy Parker died Sept. 4, 1916, at his former home in Bay City, Mich. He was shot from behind by footpads about ten o'clock at night on Sept. 3, and lived less than twenty hours. Parker was born in Bangor, Me., Jan. 28, 1867, son of Edward Everett and Laura Matilda (Eddy) Parker. He prepared for College at the Boston Latin School. In College, he was prominent in Class affairs and in athletics, being secretary of the Class in all four years. On graduation, after studying a short time at the Harvard Law School, at the suggestion of the late Charles Francis Adams, he took up railroading and for five years was connected with various roads in Montana and Michigan. In 1894, he went into the wholesale lumber and lumber manufacturing business, in which he remained until his death. From 1894 to 1901, he was secretary and treasurer of his corporation, and from 1908 to 1915, he was president of Mershon, Eddy, Parker Co., lumber manufacturers at Bay City and Saginaw, Mich. He was president of the Saginaw Valley Lumber Dealer's Association in 1902-03, and president of the National Wholesale Lumber Dealers' Association in 1912-13, and a trustee since 1901. Of him, the American Lumberman wrote in 1912, of the “great success he has attained in the lumber business... in his veins flows the blood of a family that for three generations has led in the development of lumber industry.” He was a director of the Bank of Saginaw and of the First National Bank of Bay City, a vestryman of Trinity Episcopal Church, Bay City, and a School Trustee. In July, 1915, he went to Ottawa, Can., to reside, becoming associated with W. C. Edwards & Co., Ltd., in the development of timber and manufacturing properties. Parker married Miss Mary Beecher Bishop at Salt Lake City, Utah, March 23, 1892. His wife and three children survive – Mary Bishop Parker (born Aug. 25, 1893; married June 30, 1915, to Herbert Stacy Smith); Franklin Eddy Parker, Jr. '18 (born Dec. 12, 1895); and Laura Lorrane Parker (born Sept. 29, 1900).

On the day of his death, Parker was in particularly good spirits, having just learned of the birth of his first grandchild, Franklin Henry Smith.

Parker's enthusiasm and his service to the Class can never be forgotten, his hearty fellowship and real devotion will be sorely missed at Class meetings. He was a genial comrade; a high minded, successful, representative American business man; a true Harvard son; and a good citizen.

Parker's son, Franklin Eddy Parker, Jr. (Harv. '18), is now in Austria-Hungary (April, 1919) as private secretary to Prof. A. C. Coolidge, having been debarred from military service by reason of his eyesight; his is also Class Secretary of Harv. '18.

At the Class Meeting held in 12 Hollis on Commencement Day, June 21, 1917, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:

“RESOLVED, that at this, the first meeting of the Class of '89 since the death of our friend and classmate, Franklin Eddy Parker, we place on record a brief expression of our sense of personal bereavement in the loss of one so well and widely known throughout the Class, and of our appreciation of his unswerving loyalty to the Class and his warm-hearted friendliness towards its members, and of his manly qualities, his upright life, his ever cheery spirit.

“Coming to Harvard from Boston Latin School, Frank Parker's personality immediately made itself felt. He was elected Secretary of the Class in Freshman Year and held that post in combination with that of Treasurer, throughout the three remaining years of his college career. He rowed on the Class Crew and for three years was its Captain. In Sophomore Year he was substitute on the University Crew. In Senior Year, he was elected Chairman of the Class Committee, a position which he held to the day of his death. All of these activities brought him into close contact with members of the Class and he was probably personally known to all. A devoted and enthusiastic member of '89, a successful man of business, a loving husband and father and a good citizen, he has left a fragrant memory and a name of good repute. Sincerely so we mourn his death and sadly shall we miss him at our gatherings.

“FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Class Secretary is hereby instructed to place this memorial among the archives of '89 and transmit a copy to the widow of our classmate to every member of the Class.”

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