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Patrick J. Perrott (1827-?)
Born in Ireland, came to Bay City in 1848.

1883 Biography. (Added Sep., 2005)

History of the Lake Huron Shore, 1883, H.R. Page, Chicago, IL
Bay County



PATRICK J. PERROTT is a well known pioneer of the Saginaw Valley. He was born in Ireland in the year 1827. In 1842 he emigrated to this country with his father, 0. A. Perrott. In 1845 Mr. Perrott arrived in Lower Saginaw, now Bay City, his father having come here in 1848. He was then an intelligent Irish lad of eighteen years, small in stature, but active and resolute.

His first occupation was that of cooper, which he followed for a time, making fish barrels. Not being able to make money fast enough at coopering, he abandoned it and engaged in fishing, which he followed until about 1860.

From 1860 to 1870 he was sheriff and acting sheriff, and for several years past has been deputy sheriff.

From 1875 to 1877 he was comptroller of the city, and has been a member of the Board of Public Works since in 1881.

Mr. Perrott is an untiring worker, and one of the men who accomplishes whatever he undertakes. He is thoroughly versed in local affairs, and having a correct memory, is excellent authority upon matters of pioneer history. The compiler of this work is indebted to him for many historical facts of great value.

Mr. Perrott was married February 4, 1850, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Leon Trombley, the first resident of Lower Saginaw. Mrs. Perrott was the first white girl that came to the lower part of the Saginaw Valley, having come here in 1833. A school was started some eighteen miles up the river, taught by Albert Miller, now Judge Miller, of Bay City, which Miss Trombley attended. She is now the only pupil of that school living.

Mr. Perrott and Miss Trombley were married at the house of Daniel S. Chapel, who lived in the vicinity of where the Peter Mill now stands. The ceremony was performed by George Raby, a justice of the peace, a functionary who did the most of the marrying in those days.

Mr. Perrotts father died in May, 1858.

Additional Notes.

    Bay City Directories:

  • 1867/8 Perrott, Patrick J., Bay Co sheriff.
  • 1875 - Perrott, Patrick J, livery, Saginaw bet 4th & 5th.
  • 1887 Perrott, Patrick J, city comptroller, 19 Watson Block.
  • 1893 Perrot, Patrick J, Justice of Peace, 810 Saginaw, res 515 Bowery.

    1880 Census Bay City, Mich.

  • Perrott, Patrick, b. 1826 Ireland, detective.
  • Perrott, Elizabeth, wife, b. 1826, Mich.
  • Children: Albert, Abbie.

    1900 Census Detroit, Mich. (229 Woodridge)

  • Perrott, Elizabeth, widow, b. Dec., 1825, Michigan
  • Perrott, Abby, daughter, b. Dec., 1869, Canada, clerk pension office
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Mr. Perrott's spouse was Elizabeth Trombley, daughter of Leon Trombley, the first permanent white settler in Bay City.
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