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Republic Hotel (1883-1960s)
Located on southeast corner of Saginaw and Fourth Street, Bay City, MI.
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  • The Bay City Tribune -- Sunday, March 18, 1905.



    New Forty Thousand Dollar Addition Completed.

    Now Largest Hotel in Greater Bay City.

    A Hotel That is a Credit to the Community as Well as to Its Enterprising Proprietor.

    The extensive addition to the New Republic house has been fully completed and now Greater Bay City can boast of the prettiest and most modern hotel in Northern Michigan and one of the leading Sala day houses in the United States.

    It is now the largest hotel in Greater Bay City. The work on the new portion of the house was commenced nearly one year since and cost in the neighborhood of $40,000.

    The first floor is taken up by the roomy and pleasant lobby, cigar stand, and sample rooms. Here also is the spacious dining room which was recently fitted out with new furniture and tableware and decorated by E. C. Babcock: the kitchen is equipped with the modern conveniences known to the kitchen world; a neat and well appointed barber shop and the bar. Upon the second floor there are two large handsomely furnished parlors and rooms for guests. The third floor also contains sleeping rooms. The new addition gives the house gives the house 26 new rooms, making a total of 65 in all, 15 of which are furnished with baths. All the rooms are well lighted and venitlated. A new elevator has also been added.

    The barroom is one of the prettiest in the city. Its high ceilings and side-walls being handsomely frescoed and adorned with hand painted pictures. The bar and side-board are new and add much to the beauty of the room; adjoining is the barber shop, likewise fitted up new and updated.

    It might be said that the New Republic is indeed new, as in addition to the new part, new carpets, tapestry, and office and other furniture grace the place making it bright and cheerful in every department.

    Citizens of Greater Bay City have every reason to feel proud of the new Republic and the efforts of proprietor George H. Schindehette. Mr. Schindehette looks after every detail of his house while his son M. A. Schindehette has control of the cigar privilege and has charge of the money order office. The young man, like his father, is all business and attends surely to it.

    The place has ever been popular with the traveling as well as the home people and the theatrical profession, the majority of them making it their headquarters while playing in this city.

    The old Republic was opened near the site of the new one by George H. Schindehette in 1883 and proved a success and a winner from the start. It was then only a two story building, but never the less was the stopping place for many traveling men.

    From that time the New Republic house continued to grow until it attained its present proportions.

    The New Republic is close to the depots and two street car lines are but one square away. Therefore it is plain to be seen that the place will become more popular than ever and its proprietor, who is always for advancement and progress, is deserving of the success that is continuing his way.


    Among the contractors and merchants who are responsible for the work done on the New Republic and the furnishing of the same are:

    Contractor Henry Weber; Mason work, A. C. Mason; Heating, Wilson & Wanless; Plumbing, Ideal Plumbing; Electric Equipments, Thorne Electric Co.; Painting, E. C. Babcock; Hanging, Stockle Fladung furniture, People’s House Furnishing Co., and Jacob Beck Jr.; crockery, glassware and silverware, A. B. Griswold and Hiss & Co.; carpets, C. R. Hawley & Co.


    Did the Different Contractors Do On New Republic Addition.

    That the contractor who had a hand in the construction of the addition of the New Republic house put forth all of their energy the work shows for itself for no better job was ever completed in this or any other city. Every detail was looked after in person by the different contractors which accounts for the splendid results.

    Anton C. Mason, who had charge of the mason and brick work is a veteran contractor having been in the business in Bay City for nearly a quarter of a century. Mr. Mason is one of the most reliable men in the contracting business and his hand work is on many of Bay City’s most prominent buildings. Besides careful a mechanic Mr. Mason is the Republican nominee for alderman of the Fifth ward, where he has lived in the same house, ever since he came to Bay City. His friends say that he is sure of election and that if he makes as good a city official as he is a building contractor they well be satisfied.


    Wilson & Wanless, who did the heating in the New Republic House did work of which they have a right to feel justly proud. The system works to perfection and reflects credit upon the contractors, who spared no efforts to make the plant a success. Wilson & Wanless have a reputation for good work, unsurpassed by any firm in the city.

    The Plumbing.

    In charge of W. P. Benstien was done by the Ideal Plumbing Co., and like the heating, is a very good piece of work and is proving satisfactory in every way. The Ideal is one of Bay City’s reliable concerns and can be relied upon to deliver the goods at all times.


    Paper and Do the Work Promptly, Correctly and Artistically.

    The paper hanging at the New Republic house is the work of that well known firm of paper hangers, Stockle & Fladung, who have been hanging paper in Bay City for the past 25 years and who have been in partnership for 10 years. Their Republic house job like others that they have completed, is A No. 1 and proof that the young men understand their profession. With them it is not trusting the work to some of the employees but they look after it in person thus giving those for whom they are doing a job the best possible results. While Messrs. Stockle & Fladung make a specialty of paper hanging they are also painters and decorators in which they have a very good business. Paper hanging or painting, it matters not which that is entrusted to Stockle and Fladung is sure to receive prompt attention and the work sure to be correctly done. Shop 209 Ninth street.


    Is the Pretty Barber Shop in the New Republic House.

    The New Republic house barber shop, under the management of Frank P. Ockee, is gaining new patrons daily. The new shop is modern in every respect and the assertion that it is the most up-to-date in Greater Bay City is correct. It is well lighted and venilated and all the furniture is new and of the latest make, coming from Theo. O. Koch & Co., of Chicago, the largest barber supply house in the world. It is the only shop in the city using compressed air. In fact, it can be said that no shop in the state has better equipment. Mr. Ockree is a Bay City product and learned the business in this city. He, however, spent several years in some of the large cities which gave him an insight as to how a first class barber shop should be furnished and operated. His fast growing business is not only due alone to the fact that he has the facilities to take care of it but to the fact he looks after it.



    The electric equipments of the New Republic house is the work of the Thorne Electric Co. The company introduced an innovation, so far as Bay City is concerned, by providing the call annunciators with a combination that makes it possible to establish an interior telephone system which it is the intention of Mr. Schindehette to do in the near future. The Thorne Co., furnished the combination electric fixtures for all the rooms, the kitchen and the lobby of the house. They also hung in the lobby, dining room and bar the celebrated Nernst lamps*, the rays from which rival sunlight itself.

    The Thorne concern is one that is ever on the alert for new things in their line and their partrons may rest assured that nothing escapes them and when they complete a piece of work it has been completed in every sense of the word. This is their record since branching out I business in Bay City.



    “Yes, the new addition to the New Republic house is a splendid job all the way throught,” remarked a well known contractor yesterday, “and, Henry Weber is responsible for this to a marked degree. Mr. Weber had the contract and as usual he gave it his closest attention.”

    This complement coming from a competitor is flattering, yet is coming to Mr. Weber, who is one of Bay City’s pioneer contractors. Many of the prominent buildings and many of the beautiful residences that grace the avenues of Bay City were constructed under his supervision and they stand as evidence of his ability. A building contract awarded to Mr. Weber is an assurance that it will be faithfully carried out and that the work will be properly done in every respect.

    1907 Labor support. Added April, 2010.

    Michigan Federation of Labor - Official Year Book, 1906-7.


    The Republic Hotel at Bay City, under the proprietorship of Geo. H. Schindehette, is the best equipped hostelry in the state. It has recently been rebuilt and contains an electric elevator, baths and steam heat.

    A first-class chef is in charge of the dining service, and patrons are afforded the best with a pleasing variety accompanied by excellent service in this especial department of this popular hotel.

    The location, at Fourth and Saginaw streets, is a disirable one, being near the railway station and in close proximity to the business section of the city.

    The regular rates are $2, $2.50 and $3.00, which affords you accommodations for which a much higher rate is usually charged.

    Geo. H. Schindehette, the general proprietor, has worked faithfully to give his patrons the best. He is considerate of the welfare of the workingman.

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    Republic Hotel
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    In its later years the hotel accomodation business had declined dramatically, however, its tavern business remained quite popular right up to the end. It was known for its peanuts which patrons were would shuck and toss the shells wherever they wished to do so.

    Geo. H. Schindehette

    Son, M.A. Schindehette

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