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February 11, 1863, to Rev. Loehe in Germany.
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  • February 11th, 1863

    (No opening.)

    Besides the terror of the Civil War, we also had the horror of and Indian revolution in Minnesota and other territories.

    Unfortunately, our Indian station was also destroyed. Thanks be to God that our Missionary Cloeter and his family were saved. Unless Synod decides otherwise, Cloeter can now resume his work as missionary, as the Indians have declared armistice.

    My work goes on in the usual manner. The Lord permits me, unworthy though I am, to work in His vineyard. Frankenlust and Amelith, as well as the other colonies, are still preserved from induction into the Army. For high permiums some soldiers voluntarily served for others. Because there are so many casualties in this war, our younger men are daily living in fear of becoming drafted.

    Despite the ware and other restrictions, Saginaw County is experiencing a big boom at this time since salt was discovered in this area. All drillings for salt are successful so that one mine after the next springs up. To operate these mines requires huge amounts of firewood, so the farmers can sell this wood for two to three dollars per cord. All other farm products have a good market also.

    It is unfortunate that during these wartimes, no land in our area is being sold by the government. Whoever wants to buy land must obtain it (having passed hand two or three times) paying anywhere from 10 to 50 dollars per acre. Woodland is worth the same amount as land that is under cultivation.

    (No closing.)

    February 10, 1862 September 15, 1863

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