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January 16, 1869, to Rev. Loehe in Germany.
  • Contributed by Kathy (Stroemer) Czuba -- May 2005.
  • January 16th, 1869

    Dear friend and pastor,

    It has been over a year now that I patiently waited to hear from you. Most like you were detained in sending your reply because you had accumulated to much work that had to be done. This time, however, please reply and let me know what I should do with the money that is now available for you.

    It is self-evident that this bill will be the last time that I will settle the account of the Colonization Treasury, as all outstanding money is paid. All that remains is a balance of $157.58.

    I did not expect that it would take this long to reimburse all my obligations. For you sake I would have liked to settle this account much sooner, but I had to be very patient as some debtors were very slow in meeting their financial obligations. I was very happy to receive many encouraging words from you during this time.

    I would have never believe that we, being of the same faith at one time, would have to go our separate ways. My prayer for you and yours, who have lost the unity and harmony of the one true faith, is that the One Shepard of the One Flock restore unto you and yours the same love and the same faith that we once enjoyed. My heart, as well as that of my brothers, would rejoice greatly if we by the grace of God would live to see this come about.

    Time is marching on, and I presume you must have aged considerably. I, too, am getting older and tire very easily. Let us diligently utilize this fleeting time to stand firm in the Unity of the Spirit through bonds of peace.

    For all your charitable acts during our colonization period, as well as your sincere love and friendship in later days, accept my heartiest thanks. My wife sends you her greetings also.


    F. Sievers

    September 15, 1863 The End.

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