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Bay City to East Saginaw Road Needed. (1860)
  • Transcribed August 2006.
  • Bay City Press and Times - December 21, 1860

    One More Road.

    By William A. Bryce, Editor

    During the last two years Bay City has accomplished more in the way of roads then during all of the rest of her history. Yet the facilities for egress and ingress are by no means complete. If the intent of the Legislature had been carried out, we should be realizing the convenience of a good road on the east side of the river. But instead of there being a road constructed from East Saginaw to Bay City, one has been made from Saginaw City to John Hays' saloon. Just at the very time we want to use it we cannot get to it. The river has had a coat of ice on it four weeks, but has given uncertain transit for vehicles. The consequence is that all the travel from this place to East Saginaw has to make the circuitous route of twenty-four miles. The Commissioners, instead of commencing at the southern terminus of the road, as the law requires, have begun in the woods, a mile and a half from anywhere. It will be a good road when ferries are running, with ferriage added. But by the time the river is crossed four times, the long ferry by the steamer Fox will be the cheapest.

    We have a good plank road extending southeast thirteen miles. This is not enough. We need and must have a practicable route of some kind from the end of the plank to the Bend of the Cass, or Bridgeport Centre. At that point we would connect with the Genesee plank road, as well as the railroad. The distance is nine miles. Have we have not resources adequate to the building of a graded turnpike? Three thousand dollars would give us a good road for ten months of the year.

    We could then have a line of coaches from the depot, and our mails brought through from Detroit in one day. At present it takes four days to communicate by letter between Detroit and Bay City and only two days between Detroit and East Saginaw.

    So soon as the outlet is secured Bay City will take care of herself.

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