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Jesse F. Romer (1837-1893)
Born in Kendall, N.Y., general merchant business in Bay City, Mich.

Biography, 1883 - Added January, 2012.

History of Bay County, Michigan.


of the firm of Romer, Lovell & Co., is a prominent citizen and one of the leading business men of Bay City. He was born in the town of Kendall, Orleans Co., N. Y., in the year 1837. His father was a farmer, and one of the pioneers of that county. The subject of this sketch remained at home assisting his father upon the farm, and attending district school during his boyhood. He also attended the academy at Albion, and in 1865 went into a store at Holly, N. Y., as clerk, where he remained between three and four years. In the Fall of 1868 he came to Bay City on a visit to relatives in this vincinity, and while here an opportunity to enter the firm of Munger & Co. was offered, and he decided to accept it. Accordingly, in the Winter of 1869 he became a partner in the firm, as already stated. The history of the firm has already been given. In 1858 he was married at Gaines, N. Y., to Miss Lucy A. Reed, of that place. In 1876 he built their residence on the corner of Eighth and Sherman Streets. Mr. Romer is a successful business man, and one who contributes liberally to the general advancement of the interests of Bay City. He is a leading member of the elders of the Presbyterian Church. He is a gentleman of large influence, and a liberal contributor to all enterprises calculated to be a public benefit.

Additional Notes.

1886 Michigan Marriages: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Jesse F. Romer, b. 1838, N.Y., married May 11, 1886, to Carrie Reid, b. 1840, N.Y., witnesses were R. J. Bosscoe and Mary A. Morgan.

    1886-7 Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Romer, Frederick R. - bds 414 N. Sherman.
  • Romer, Jesse F. - (Romer, Lovell & McDonald), res 414 N. Sherman
  • Romer, Lovell & Co. (Jesse F. Romer, Clifford F. and Frederick L. Lovell), Dry Goods, 307 and 309 Center.

    1893 Michigan Deaths: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Jessee F. Romear, born 1838, N. Y., dry good merchant, died Feb. 24, 1893.
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