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Charles E. Rosenbury (1843-1912)
Civil War veteran, owned large furniture business in Bay City.

1883 Biography. - Added Aug., 2010.

History of Bay County, Michigan - 1883.


Charles Edwin Rosenbury was born in Petersburg, Rensselaer Co., N.Y., September 18, 1843. In 1855 he moved to Rhode Island. He then came West to Illinois; remained there until 1877, when he came to Bay City, and engaged in the furniture business, which he still continues. His store is situated on Third Street, between Saginaw and Washington Streets. He keeps a first-class stock always on hand, and does a thriving business.

1912 Obituary. Contributed by Jim Petrimoulx Aug., 2010.

The Bay City Times, June 21, 1912.

High Tribute To Honored Citizen

Many Friends Attend Funeral For C. E. Rosenbury

Sound Taps At Grave

Knights Templar, and Civil War
Veterans March to Elm Lawn
With Departed Brother

The life a man leads and the good deeds preformed is best attested by the sorrow of a community at his death. The sorrow expressed yesterday in Bay City over the death of Charles E. Rosenbury, was the noblest tribute that could be paid to a man. The tribute came from the men and women in every walk of life. And was the expression of appreciation the people of Bay City felt for a worthy citizen, a business man of integrity, a loyal friend, a loving husband and father.

The life lived by Charles E. Rosenbury merited all of this and more for only to his intimate friends did he reveal in the fullest sense the true nobility of character with which he was endowed. Generous hearted by nature, he was kind and considerate and charitable to all, but to those he counted as friends he was superlatively generous-with time, advice and assistance.

None Held In Higher Esteem

No man in Bay City could be held in higher esteem and the place he left vacant will be hard indeed to fill. With hearts full of sorrow his friends will mourn his loss, but the example he lived cannot fail but set its impress upon the lives of all of those he came in contact . All honor to a worthy life. All honor to a peaceful death.

The funeral services were held at the home yesterday afternoon at 3 o’clock. The Rev. Dwight Ramsdell of Ann Arbor officiated , assisted by Rev. Amos Watkins rector of Trinity Episcopal Church and Rev. George Elliott pastor of the Madison Avenue M.E. church. Rev. Watkins impressively rendered part of the beautiful Episcopal burial service and was followed by Rev. Elliott with a sympathetic prayer that brought tears to the eyes of those present.

Final Tributes are Lavish

Rev. Ramsdall who was formerly the pastor of the Madison M.E. church and who is a warm friend of the family, preached the funeral service and brought comforting words to bring peace to the sorrowing hearts.

One of the impressive parts of the service was he softly sung hymn “Beautiful Isle of Somewhere” by Lawrence Gregory. As the exquisite notes swelled out through the rooms tears welled unbidden to the eyes and hearts heaved with repressed sorrow.

The floral tributes to Mr. Rosenbury’s memory were beautiful and lavish and many friends paid this tribute of respect who were prevented by sickness, infirmities or other causes from being present.

Knights Attend In Body

Bay City Commandry Knights Templar attended and after the sermon at the home took charge of the services . Knight Templars acted as the pallbearers and the services at the cemetery were according to the ritual of the Masonic Order and were beautiful and impressive.

Mr. Rosenbury was a member of the H.P. Merrill Post G.A.R and the closing scene at the grave was the sounding of taps by the bugle over the mortal remains of a worthy comrade and the dropping of the American Flag over the casket.

And there was laid to rest the remains of one of God’s noble men, one whose memory will live long in the history of Bay City and whose example will make the lives of many men better and truer. To know Mr. Rosenbury was an inspiration to a higher standard of manhood.

Number From Out Of Town

Among the relatives and friends who attended the funeral of Mr. C. E. Rosenbury yesterday were Mr. and Mrs. Jacques of Kansas City, Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle of Geneva, Ill. and Mr. and Mrs. O’Brien of Aurora, Ill.

Mrs. Jacques is the youngest daughter of the deceased . Mrs. Carlisle is a sister while Mr. and Mrs. O’Brien are cousins. Mrs. Allen Holmes Of Detroit and John Carter of St. Helen were also present.

Additional Notes.

    1862 - Civilwar.ilgenweb.net.

  • Rosenbbury, Charles E., of Owswego, private, Company A, 127th Illinois Infantry, enlisted Sep. 5, 1862, discharged Apr. 7, 1863.

    1863 - Michigan Gazette Business Directory.

  • Rosenbury Charles E, Stave Dealers, dock foot Bates, Detroit.
  • Rosenbury C E & Co., Paints, Oils and Glass, East Saginaw.

    1877 - History of Kendall County, Illinois.

  • Rosenbury, Charles E - Fifty-Third Regiment, Company B - Town of Oswego.

    1891 - Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Rosenbury, Charles C., clk C E Rosenbury, bds 1400 Woodside.
  • Rosenbury, Charles E., Furniture, Stoves and Crockery - 209, 211, 215 & 213 3rd, res 1400 Woodside ave.; treas. Royal Templars Of Temperance; 1st ward member Board of Education
  • Rosenbury, Harriet C., bds 1400 Woodside ave.
  • Rosenbury, Wm. G., bds 1400 Woodside ave.
  • Rosenbury, Mrs. C.E. - secy Childrens Home (4th ave & n Johnson); secy. Old Ladies Home (923 n Monroe); treas. Woman's Christian Temperance Union.

    1898 - Michigan Marriages: Detroit, Wayne, Mich.

  • Date: Oct. 18, 1898.
  • Groom: William G. Rosenbury, b. 1873 Mich. parents: Chas. E. Rosenbury & Harriet C. Morey.
  • Bride: Mary M. Miller, b. 1874 Mich., parents: Wm. H. Miller & Mary B. Manning.

    1899 - Biograpahy of Frank J. Buckley.

  • Daughter, Ella, married Frank J. Buckley.

    1900 - Census: Bay City, Mich.

  • Rosenbury, Charles - b. Sep. 1843 New York
  • Harriet C. - wife, b. Jan., 1843 Mich.
  • Charles C. - son, b. Feb., 1868 Mich.

    1900 - Michigan Marriages: Bay City.

  • Date: June 27, 1900.
  • Groom: Charles C. Rosenbury - age 31, b. Toronto Can.; parents: Chas. E. Rosenbury & Harriet C. Morey.
  • Bride: Ethel L. Fenton - age 22, b. Detroit, Mich.; parents: James E. Fenton & Lucretia McLaughlin.
  • Official: Otis A. Smith, pastor Pres. Ch.
  • Witnesses: Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Rosenbury.

    1902 - Youngs & Co. Business Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Rosenbury C E & Sons, furniture, carpets, crockery, stoves & general house furnishing goods, 820-822 N. Washington av.

    1914 - Book, Sons of the American Revolution.

  • Charles Chance Y Rosenbury, Bay City, Mich. (25667). Son of Charles Edwin and Harriet C. (Morey) Rosenbury; grandson of Jacob and Elizabeth Eldred (Wightman) Rosenbury; great-grandson of William and Elizabeth (Eldred) Wightman; great-grandson of Daniel and Mary (Philips) Eldred; great'-grandson of Samuel Philips, Captain, Colonel Stanton's Regt. Rhode Island State Infantry.

    Elm Lawn Cemetery - Bay County Genealogy Society.
    Rosenbury (name/death):

  • Charles C. / Jan. 25, 1937
  • Charles E. / Jun. 24, 1912
  • Ethel / Dec. 21, 1912
  • Harriet C. / Jan. 5, 1914
  • Virginia / Jan. 22, 1917
  • William G. / July 22, 1904
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