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Azell N. Rouech (1820-1897)
Born in France, prominent Bay City hotel business.

1892 Biography. (Added Jan., 2009)

Portrait and Biographical Record of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan, 1892


The genial proprietor of the Rouech House, which was built in 1868, is the oldest hotel man in Bay City, and probably the oldest in the Saginaw Valley now in the business. He built and owns his large hotel, which is located on the corner of Fifth and Water Streets, and in spite of the fact that his establishment is a strictly temperance house, he has been eminently successful. As a pioneer, the beginning of his career in his special lines dates from a time when there were no railroads and not many house here, and he entertained at his hotel the passengers that came in by stage.

Our subject is a native of Alsace, France, the city of Belford being that of his nativity, April 4, 1820. He is a son of Joseph Rouech, who was born in the village of Ango, where the mother was also born; he was engaged in real estate and also in teaming and freighting in his native land. He served as one of the rear guard in Bonaparte's army in the battle of Waterloo. The wagon loads were at that time immense, requiring sixteen horse and more, and frequently our subject's father spent fifteen days on a journey, some of the loads being twenty feet high. In 1832 Joseph Rouech sold out his business and came to America with his wife and three children. They left Havre (text missing) he removed to Beloit, Wis., where he resided until his death, which took place at the age of fifty-four years. He was a strong Democrat. Our subject's mother, died in Bay City at the age of eighty-eight years.

Of the three children that were granted to Joseph and Mary Rouech our subject is the oldest. He attended school in his native land until eleven years old. At that early age he was at the head of his classes in grammar and arithmetic, for both of which studies he had a special liking. On locating in Syracuse he first attended the private and then public school, and when fourteen years old began working in the salt works. Beginning at the bottom of the ladder, his faithful work and patient following of directions placed him in responsible positions, and late he manufactured salt on contract, by renting a salt block, which he ran for many years. Finally he learned the carpenter's trade, and after working under instruction one season, began contracting and building, and from 1847 to 1849 was thus engaged on the New York & Erie Railroad, both in grading and building bridges.

In 1859 our subject went to Liverpool, N. Y. There he purchase a salt block, which he ran for six or seven years, and at the same time purchased two canal boats to carry his salt. He then sold out his salt interests and built a sawmill, stave and barrel factory, having in the shop facilities for cutting over twenty thousand staves per day, and manufacturing cooperage for eight hundred barrels. He pursued his business successfully until the failure of the Onondago Salt Company, and then he became Deputy Superintendent and Receiver of the salt spring at Liverpool, under V. Smith, and held the post until coming to Michigan in 1861.

Becoming Superintendent of the Chicago & Milwaukee Salt Company, Mr. Rouech held the position for eleven months. In 1862 he became the owner of the residence of the Judge Campbell estate. He added to the house and made of it the Globe Hotel, which he ran successfully for seven years. At the end of that time he released it and made his son-in-law its Superintendent, and then took charge of his present place, which was built in 1868, and in 1887 built the addition. It is 50 x 120 feet in dimensions with the wing, fronting on Water Street fifty feet and one hundred and seventy-five feet on Fifth Street, and extending one hundred feet to the rear. It comprises three stories and a basement. Mr. Rouech owns besides two store buildings. His hotel is the second largest in the city and is strictly first-class. In 1879 he started the Rouech Restaurant, also a temperance place, and this has met with encouraging success.

Our subject was married in Syracuse, N. Y., to Miss Mary A. Darick, who was born in Alsace, France, coming with her parents to America, and settled in Syracuse the same year as our subject. They were the parents of thirteen children, twelve of whom lived to be grown, and of these all are living but one. These are: Charles J., Chester J., Josephine, Elizabeth, Azell N., Mary, Henry, August, Lottie, Carrie and Hattie. Of these Chester died in Colorado. Mr. Rouech is, and has been for many years, an ardent Republican. While in Liverpool he was a member of the City Council for five years.

Additional Notes.

1866 - Indian and Pioneer History of the Saginaw Valley.


  • 202 N. Water St. - Rouech, A. N., propr., Globe Hotel Rouech, Charles, clerk, Globe Hotel; Rouech, Geo. H., clerk, Globe Hotel; Rouech, Christian J., clerk, bds. Globe Hotel.
  • Bay City Fire Department, Red Rover Fire Company: 2d Ass't, engineer A. N. Rouech.

Family Search Org.

Death Records:

  • Azell M. Rouche, died 4 Apr. 1897, Bay City, MI, age 77 years
  • Mary Ann Rouech, died 19 Sep. 1896, Bay City, MI, age 78 years, born France, Parents: Anthony and Anna Derrick.
  • George Wm. Rouech, died 12 Mar. 1886, Bay City, MI, age 8 months, 15 days.

Birth Records, Michigan:

  • Agnes Rouech, Born 17 May 1877, Bay City, MI Parents: Charles and Margaret Rouech.
  • Agness J. Rouech, born 21 Jul. 1878, Bay City, MI Parents: Charles and Margaret Ann (Brown) Rouech
  • Edward Rouech, born 26 Jan. 1882, Bay City, MI Parents: August and Lizzie Rouech
  • Francis Rouech, born 2 Oct 1883, Bay City, MI Parents: Azell and Mary Rouech.
  • Olive Rouech, born 19 Apr. 1877, Bay City, MI Parents: Henry and Lorenda Rouech.
  • Tina Rouech, born 12 May 1885, Bay City, MI Parents: August E. and Elizabeth Rouech

Michigan Marriages:

  • 19 Dec. 1867 - Libbie C. Rouech (b. 1850) to James A. Wells (b. 1844), at Bay City, MI

1880 CENSUS (Bay City, MI):

  • Azell N. Rouech, born 1821, France;
  • Mary A., wife - b. 1820 France
  • Josephine, dau. - b. 1846 NY
  • Mary, dau. - b. 1852 NY
  • Augustus, son - 1856 NY
  • Allen, Carrie, dau. - 1859 NY
  • Elizabeth, dau. - b. 1862 Mich.
  • Hattie, dau. - 1864 Mich.

  • Charles J. Rouech, born 1846, NY (son of Azell & Mary Rouech)
  • Maggie A., wife, born in Canada;
  • Children: Cora E., Mable M., Aggie J.

1900 Census (Bay City, MI):

    413 Ninth St.

  • Azell Rouech, born Jan 1854, NY;
  • Esther, spouse, married 19 years.;
  • Children: Francis, Jeannette, Marion, Esther;
  • Resident: William J. Cushman.

    109 Fifth Street (Globe Hotel)

  • Hattie Rouech, born Aug., 1862, proprietor;
  • Olive J. Rouech, b. Jan., 1850, NY, sister;
  • Josie Rouech, b. Oct. 1847, NY, sister;
  • Carrie Rouech, b. Oct. 1859, NY, sister.

Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York, Vol XI, No. 58, Part 4, 1900

  • Rouech, Charles J. -- Age, 19 years. Enlisted April 20, 1862, at Liverpool; mustered in as private, Co. F., May 13, 1861, to serve two years; discharged for disability, September 12, 1861.
  • Rouech, Chester. -- Age, 18 years. Enlisted, April 24, 1861, at Liverpool, mustered in as private, Co. F. May 13, 1861, to serve two years; discharged for disability, September 12, 1861.

The American Journal of Nursing, Vol. VI, 1906

  • Miss Olive J. Rouech, graduate of the Farrand Training-School, Harper Hospital, Detroit, has accepted position in the nursing department of Dr. Goldby King's sanatorium of Selma, Alabama.

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Mr. Rouech also owned the Bunnell House (now Arlington) on the west side of the river, which at that time was a company town of the Sage & McGraw sawmill known as Wenona. This building, built in 1868, was quite large and provided some of the best accommodations in the area at that time.
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Brown, Margaret A. (d-inlaw)
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Rouech, Carrie (dau.)
Rouech, Charles J. (son)
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Rouech, Christian J.
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Rouech, Ester (dau)
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Rouech, George H.
Rouech, George W. (g-son)
Rouech, Hattie (dau.)
Rouech, Henry (son)
Rouech, Joseph (father)
Rouech, Josephine (dau.)
Rouech, Lottie (dau.)
Rouech, Mable M. (g-dau)
Rouech, Marion (dau)
Rouech, Olive (g-dau)
Rouech, Mary Mrs. (mother)
Rouech, Mary (dau.)
Rouech, Tina (g-dau)
Smith, V
Wells, James A.
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