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Lincoln School
820 S. Lincoln Avenue - Bay City, MI
  • Contributed by Clarence and Gladys (Weide) Stroemer
    from the Scrapbook Collection of Miss Freida Stroemer. (April 2004)
  • The Bay City Times - Saturday, October 26, 1940.

    Lincoln School Serves Students Half-Century

    (EDITOR'S NOTE: The seventh in a series of school histories is published today, with the Lincoln school the subject of discussion. Next week The Times, which prints a school history each week, will feature the Riegel school.)

    The Lincoln school, built in 1889, was for many years the center of the Bay City training school, in which a larger group of local teachers received early education. In the 1890's and early 1900's students wishing to teach in Bay City were educated here. The training school was moved to the Whittier school in 1908.

    While it was located at Lincoln Miss Grace McLean, 801 Cass avenue, was principal. Among her critic teachers were Miss Mary Caldwell and Miss Jennie B. Logan, 330 Cass avenue, recently retired elementary supervisor. When the Lincoln school was buit it was the intention of the board of education, according to historical records, to make it a center of training for backward, ungraded and under-privileged children. But certain exigencies of the the time prevented the plan from being fully developed. However, special training of some kind was presented for years. Miss Lenna Carton was principal of the training school before Miss McLean.

    The Lincoln school was an absolute necessity when it was built, as the district was crowded with children, and some pupils had been placed on half-time because of lack of room. While the board of education was discussing the matter, according to a report Feb. 25, 1889, a reporter asked a member of the board, "Are you building any new school houses?" Yes, we are going to. We need a building in the eighth ward. The only school at present is the Polish and it is inadequate. There are some 600 children in the ward. We need a school there for more than one reason. There are families living in this ward that would prefer to send their children to the public school and at present it is impossible.

    What kind of building do you propose to erect?"

    A good one, one that will contain at least six rooms, with all modern heating conveniences, one that will probably cost $6,000 or $7,000."

    That's how the Lincoln school came about.

    The Lincoln school, one of the best in the city, was reported "good" on two items of 21 on instructional efficiency in a recent survey. There are general condition and the basement. Those listed as "fair," include location, architecture, construction, height, efficiency for administration, class rooms, special rooms, heating, water supply, toilet system, equipment, and safety.

    The school has 10 rooms and has an enrollment of 226 pupils. Miss Mary Beckett is the principal, going there in Sept. 1916. An addition to the school was begun in 1922 and finished that fall.

    Included on the present teaching staff are: Noreen Cole, Magdalen Donnelly, Floyd C. Fischer, Dorothea Gollin, Myrtle E. Griffin, Edith Hall, Josephine Litchfield, Irene Mason, Edith Meiselback, and Stanley Milka.

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    Names Referenced
    Caldwell, Mary
    Carton, Lenna
    Cole, Noreen
    Donnelly, Magdalen
    Fischer, Floyd C.
    Gollin, Dorothea
    Giffin, Myrtle E.
    Hall, Edith
    Litchfield, Josephine
    Logan, Jennie B.
    Mason, Irene
    McLean, Grace
    Meiselback, Edith
    Milka, Stanley
    Subjects Referenced
    Board of Education
    Polish school
    Teaching school
    Training school
    Whittier school
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