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Wenona School
313 S. Wenona avenue - Bay City, MI
  • Contributed by Clarence and Gladys (Weide) Stroemer
    from the Scrapbook Collection of Miss Freida Stroemer. (December 2005)
  • The Bay City Times - Saturday, November 17, 1940.

    Wenona School

    Wenona School Was Constructed in 1906

    (EDITOR’S NOTE: The Wenona school furnished material for the tenth in a series of articles relating the history of schools in Bay City, and which are published each Saturday in The Times. Next week’s history will deal with the McKinley school.

    Reminiscent of the Indian background of Bay City is the name chosen for the Wenona school. The name itself makes the school a definite part of the city where Wenona is used so often in commemoration of the Red Man’s occupation of this area.

    The building, which was such a “grand” school back in 1905, when it was constructed has sheltered many a West Side youngster during the elementary years, and throughout its history has also had classes for adults. These are again being held in the building. Beginning in 1913 it became the center for manual and domestic training on the West Side. Many parochial school youngsters also came to the building for these courses.

    Opened with Reception

    A public reception marked the opening of the building back in 1906, when the lumbering days were already becoming history, and Bay City was looking ahead to business and industry as a means of subsistence. John Stuart was superintendent of schools and had charge of the program, with the assistance of the principal, George Bryan, who remained in that post for two years. Then John Cluly took over the duties for one year, until he moved to Dillon, Mont. Miss Anna T. Reardon was appointed next to the post and she remained until last year when she retired. Miss Alta M. Porter, former principal of the Washington school is now principal of the school. Miss Reardon was assistant principal at the Kolb school before being transferred to Wenona.

    The Wenona school, with a pupil capacity of 280, is one of the better conditioned schools in the city, although it, too, can use improvement. Out of 21 determining factors which effect instructional efficiency, the school was given 12 points as “fair” by a committee who visited schools throughout the city. Of these 12 units, are location, playground, landscape, architecture, construction, height, arrangement for efficient administration, class rooms, general condition, toilet system, equipment, and safety.

    “Good” on Four Points

    Four points were allowed as “good” basement, heating, ventilation, and water supply. The school has one and six-tenths of an acre for the playground.

    The Wenona school youngsters have been active in athletics and other extra-curricular work throughout the existence of the school. The first safety patrol in the city was introduced here, and the school’s students have won many cups for essay writing, music-memory contests, home-coming floats, as well as safety.

    The Wenona P.-T.-A. has been active through the years, and among the presidents of the organization have been Mrs. Robert Lunger, Mrs. Earl Traxler, Jules Dallons, Mrs. George DeCourcey, Mrs. Roy Anderson, Mrs. C. O. Nordstrom, Mrs. Adam Gunterman, Mrs. Selwyn Phillips, Mrs. Frank Smiley, Mrs. Clifford Engstrom and Mrs. Russel Thomas. Mrs. Earl Toeppner acted as president for awhile and Dallons was the only man to fill the post.

    On the staff of teachers, besides Miss Porter, are: Olena Bristol, Harriet Eichorn, Sally Leiberman, Freida Loessel, Esther Logan, Beatrice McCormick, and Marie Masterson.

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    People Referenced
    Anderson, Roy Mrs.
    Bristol, Olena
    Bryan, George
    Cluly, John
    Dallons, Jules
    DeCourcey, George Mrs.
    Eichorn, Harriet
    Engstrom, Clifford Mrs.
    Gunterman, Adma Mrs.
    Leiberman, Sally
    Loessel, Freida
    Logan, Esther
    Lunger, Robert Mrs.
    Materson, Marie
    McCormick, Beatrice
    Nordstrom, C.O. Mrs.
    Phillips, Selwyn Mrs.
    Porter, Alta M. Miss
    Reardon, Anna T. Miss
    Smiley, Frank Mrs.
    Stuart, John
    Thomas, Russel Mrs.
    Toeppner, Earl Mrs.
    Traxler, Earl Mrs.
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