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Martin Schindehette (1846-?)
Proprietor of Buckeye Beer Bottling Works.

Biography. Added April, 2011.

History of Bay County, Michigan 1883.


Martin Schindehette was born in Germany in 1846 and came to Bay City in 1866. In 1870 he commenced the saloon business in the Arnold Block, on Fifth Street. In 1876 he moved to Water Street, between Sixth and Seventh Streets. In 1882 he built the bottling works on Johnson Street, of which he is proprietor. He was married to Mary Nusset, of Bay City, and has two children. He resides at 1317 Johnson Street.

Michigan Federation of Labor, Official Year Book, 1906-7.

Brewery, Liguor and Bottling Interests.


Martin Schindehette has long been a resident of Bay City and to the people is well known. He is agent for the Buckeye Brewing company, of Toledo, Ohio, and at is place, at 1020 North Johnson street, he has a fine line of choice wines, liquors and cigars.

M. Schindehette is also bottler of Buckeye Lager and Pilsener beers. The office of this popular concern under Mr. Schindehette's supervision is at 1321 Johnson street.

Mr. Schindehette is fair-minded and just in his disposition toward the laboring man's cause and should receive the good will of our members.

Additional Notes.

    1877 - Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Schindehette, Martin saloon, 4th nr Saginaw.

    1883 Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Schindehette, Martin - wholesale Lager Beer and Bottling Works 1317 N Johnson, res same.

    1900 Census: Bay City, Mich.

  • Schindehette, Martin b. Sep 1847 Germany.
  • Mary, wife b. Jul 1851 Germany.
  • William, son b. Feb 1880 Mich.
  • Clara, dau. - b. Jun 1883 Mich.
  • Alma, dau. - b. Jan 1893 Mich.

    1910 Census: Bay City, Mich.

  • Schindehette, Martin age 60, b. Germany immigrated 1865.
  • Mary, wife age 58, b. Germany immigrated 1852.
  • Clara, dau. - age 25, b. Mich.
  • Alma, dau. - age 11, b. Mich.

    1920 Census: Bay City, Mich.

  • Schindehette, Martin b. 1845 Germany
  • Kuch, Max, son in law b. 1888 Germany
  • Kuch, Alma, daughter b. 1894 Mich.
  • Schindehette, Clarence, grandson b. 1902 Mich.
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