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Peter Smith (1814-80)
Born in Scotland, settled in St. Clair, then at West Bay City.

Biography, 1890. - Added April, 2011.

Cyclopedia of Michigan: Historicl and Biographical Sketches - 1890


Lumber and salt manufacturer, of West Bay City. No one need be surprised when a native of Scotland turns up in any part of the world, or in any capacity or disguise. The Scotch are not clannish when away from their native land. They mingle with the people with whom they have cast in their lot. They make no great showing in the tables of immigration, but they are everywhere . Talk about Scotchmen, and one of them is sure to be within sound of your voice. Wherever energy and shrewdness can be turned into money, there you will find a Scotchman. No one need be surprised, therefore, at the statement that the late Peter Smith, of West Bay City, was a native of Scotland. He came to Canada with his parents, when a child, and there remained until 1836, when he came to Port Huron, Michigan. Here, in 1838, he was married to Miss Sarah Cross, of that city, and four years later moved to St. Clair, Michigan, which was his home for the next twelve years. During all these years he followed his occupation that of a millwright and built several mills on the St. Clair River. In 1834 he first came to that part of Saginaw County which is now Bay County, and built a saw-mill at Bangor (now the First Ward of West Bay City). Of this mill he was part proprietor, the style of the firm being Moore, Smith & Vose, subsequently changed to Moore & Smith, and still later, by the purchase of Mr. Moore's interest, to Peter Smith & Sons. The mill did a large and successful business in the manufacture of lumber, to which, in 1864, was added the production of salt. Mr. Smith took an active part in the management of his business up to the time of his death, which occurred November 28, 1880. Since then, two of his sons, C. J. and H. J. Smith have continued the business under the firm name of Smith Bros. Mr. Smith was of medium height and rugged appearance; a very successful business man, but a man of generous impulses. He was of sterling integrity, in all things honest,upright, and energetic. He was a consistent Christian, and more devoted to him family than to society. His memory will be cherished by many friends. His widow still resides in West Bay City, and four of their children are living two sons who constitute the firm o Smith Bros.; Mr. Peter C. Smith, a sketch of whom appears in this volume; and an only daughter, now Mrs. J. M. Kelton, of West Bay City.

Additional Notes.

    1850 Census: St. Clair, St. Clair, Mich.

  • Smith, Peter b. 1815 New York
  • Sarah, wife b. 1815 New York
  • Peter C., son - b. 1844 Mich.
  • Henry J., son - b. 1846 Mich.
  • Sarah J. dau. - b. 1848 Mich.
  • Elin, dau. - b. 1850 (6 mos) Mich.

    1880 Census: West Bay City, Mich.

  • Smith, Peter b. 1816 Scotland, married 64 years
  • Sarah, Wife b. 1809 New York
  • Henry, Son b. 1845 Mich.

    1880 Michigan Deaths: West Bay City, Mich.

  • Peter Smith, born 1814 in Scotland, died Nov. 20, 1880.
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