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William Smith (1844-??)
Born in Tomkins, N.Y., one of founders of Clayton Twp.
(now in Arenac Co.), Bay Co., MI.

Biography, 1883. - Added Nov., 2010.

History Bay County, Michigan - 1883


William Smith, one of the early settlers of the township, was the founder of Maple Ridge and gave the village its name. Mr. Smith was born in Tompkins, N. Y., January 30, 1844. He went with his widowed mother to Vermont when seven years of age; resided there seven years, then spent four years in Illinois, then was two years at sea, was shipwrecked in the east coast of Africa, and came home and enlisted in the service of his country in July, 1861, and served until discharged at the close of the war. In October, 1862, he was promoted to the office of captain for victorious conduct in the field. He came to Bay County in May, 1869, and located in what is now the township of Clayton. He named the village of Maple Ridge, and owned three of the four corners where it is situated. He was married to Miss Sarah Scott of Tompkins, N. Y., January 20, 1866. Their children are Clara E., Lela (now deceased), Rosa A., Lulu M. and Lena M. He has in his farm home on Section Thirteen, in Clayton, forty acres, all under cultivation and immediately adjacent to the rising village of Maple Ridge. He has been supervisor eight years, justice of the peace, and highway commissioner, and in 1880 was Greenback candidate for Congress. In first settling in Clayton he and his brother Stillman were, for want of roads, compelled to bring in their goods by hand, two miles on a stretcher. Wild bears were then very plentiful. One day Mr. Smith came in with bloody hands say he had killed a bear. He and Mrs. Smith and a lady friend all tried, but with more help he was brought home and dressed; and some of the oil was sold for $16 per gallon.

Clayton Co. - Added Nov., 2010.

Public and Local Acts of Legislature, State of Michigan, Vol. 1

Page 427.

In the matter of the application of George E. Fish and others, for the erection and organization of a new township.

Whereas, It appears to the board of supervisors of Bay county, Michigan, that application has been made for the division of the township of Arenac by twelve freeholders, residents of each of the townships to be affected thereby, and that notice thereof has been signed, posted, and published in the manner and form required by law, and this board having been furnished with a map of the townships to be affected by such division, showing the proposed alteration and having duly considered the matter of said application; therefore, be it

Resolved, ordered, and enacted by said board, That all of town nineteen (19) north, range four (4) east, and town twenty (20) north, range four (4) east, be and the same is hereby erected into a new township, to be called and known by the name of Clayton; and that the first township meeting of said township of Clayton shall be held at the house of Isaac E. Clayton, on Monday, the third day of April next, and that at said meeting George E. Fish, Philo P. Clayton and William Smith, three electors of said township, shall be the persons whose duty it shall be to preside at said meeting, appoint a clerk, open and keep the polls, and exercise the same powers as the inspectors of elections at any township meeting, as the new law provides.

December 13th, 1870,

Bay county,


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Braddock, H.A.
Clayton, Isaac E.
Clayton, Philo P.
Fish, Geo. E.
Scott, Sarah (wife)
Smith, Clara E. (dau)
Smith, Lela (dau)
Smith, Lena M. (dau)
Smtih, Lulu M. (dau)
Smith, Rosa A (dau)
Smith, Stillman (bro)
Smith, Wm. (subject)
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Arenac Co., MI
Bay Co., MI
Clayton Twp., MI
Maple Ridge, Bay MI
Tompkins, NY
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