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Southern Michigan Association, 1914 Season
Includes teams from Bay City and Saginaw.

1914 Season. (Added Apr., 2009)

Spalding's Official Base Ball Guide for 1913-1914

Southern Michigan Association

Page 241.

During the season of 1914 the Southern Michigan Association assumed quite a burden by operation with a circuit of ten clubs and with a divided season. Both of these are not wholly innovations, but as a double burden are an irksome load for a minor league to carry. The association lived through the ordeal and completed its season with all of its clubs intact.

The first half of the season was won by Bay City, with a comparatively wide margin. Battle Creek was second and the Saginaw club was sixth. With one more defeat than victory to its credit. In the second half Saginaw spurted forward at a fast rate and finished in the lead, with Battle Creek again second. The latter played better than it did in the first half.

With a divided season there was of course, a post-season series. In the play-off between Bay City and Saginaw the latter club won the first three games. With only one victory needed to clinch the championship, Saginaw was not able to defeat Bay City again until after the latter has won three games, making the series a tie. Saginaw, however, took the decisive game, but it took ten innings to do so.

Battle Creek had been the champions of 1913, and made the strongest fight in the league against Saginaw and Bay City. Toledo was a fair third in the first half of the season, but seemed strangely out of place in this circuit, and in the second half played a dismal game, winning only ten contests out sixty-eight.

Harris of Bay City led the league in batting, with .386 for 139 games. Jenkins of the same team, was the premier base stealer, having a total of sixty-one in 133 games. He also holds the record for most runs last season in the association, 140, although Harris was pretty close, with 135. Hoffman of Flint had the most home runs, twelve. J. Jenkins, also of Bay City, led the pitchers, winning twenty-three and losing four games. Robbins of Saginaw struck out most batters, 338 in forty-three games. South Bend has 111 double plays, while Adrian has almost as many, 104, yet the latter team was consistently ninth in both sections of the double schedule.

The standing of the clubs and championship winners in previous years are given herewith. The complete official averages for the past season will be found in the Spalding's Official Base Ball Record, which contains records of all leagues, the Hall of Fame, All-American selections, best-on-records, world series records, and records of leaders in past years; also college records, schedules, notes, managers' and captains' names and pictures. 500 pages. Illustrated. Price, 25 cents.


1906 Mt. Clemens
1907 Tecumseh
1908 Saginaw
1909 Saginaw

1910 Kalamazoo
1911 Kalamazoo
1912 Adrian
1913 Battle Creek


Team - Won, Lost, Percentage.

First Half:

Bay City 51, 25, .671
Battle Creeek 44, 35, .557
Toledo 43, 35, .551
Flint 39, 37, .513
South Bend 38, 38, .500
Saginaw 38, 39, .494
Mt. Clemens 36, 38, .0486
Jackson 33, 44, .467
Adrian 33, 44, .429
Kalamazoo 26, 52, .333

Second Half:

Saginaw 52, 16, .765
Battle Creek 48, 22, .686
South Bend 47, 22, .681
Bay City 45, 25, .643
Jackson 36, 32, .529
Flint 36, 33, .522
Mt. Clemens 27, 42, .391
Kalamazoo 23, 45, .338
Adrian 20, 49, .290
Toledo 10, 58, .147

In the play-off Saginaw won the first three games, Bay City the next three, and Saginaw won the decisive game in ten innings.

Individual Batting. (Bay City only)

    (Name - Games, At Bats, Runs, Hits, Percentage)

    Harris - 139, 510, 135, 197, .386. (league best)
    Coombs - 129, 513, 110, 182, .355.
    Potts - 15, 57, 14, 18, .316.
    Barry - 132, 501, 73, 161, .299.
    Donnelly - 126, 436, 62, 129, .296.
    Harwell - 133, 557, 116, 161, .289.
    Brubaker - 83, 303, 45, 81, .267.
    Jenkins, J - 46, 134, 8, 27, .201.
    Bussey - 38, 118, 7, 23, .195.
    Thomas - 43, 126, 12, 34, .175.
    Hickman - 52, 158, 17, 24, .152.

Page 250.

By A. S. Burkhart, President-Secretary-Treasurer.

This league started off as if it would have the most successful season since its formation in 1906, but just after opening day, the Saginaw Valley, in which the two largest cities in the circuit (Saginaw and Bay City) are located, suffered a severe flood, with the result that both teams were compelled to transfer many games.

The president of the league, James P. Bowen of Saginaw, was compelled to resign his position July 2, as he found that the work of the office interfered with his legal duties, and the vice-president of the league, A. S. Burkhart, president of the Saginaw club, filled out Mr. Bowen's unexpired term.

The Saginaw and Bay City clubs withdrew from the league under date of July 13, but have again entered for 1913.

The Battle Creek club started out as if they were going to make a runaway race for the pennant, but the Adrian club, which started slow, gradually pulled up on them and in the last week of the race overhauled them and went into Battle Creek for the last three days of the season with a two-game lead. In order to win the pennant Battle Creek had to win all four games (a postponed game being played the first day), or to get a tie had to win three out of the four games. On the first day each won two games. They succeeded in winning the Saturday game in a ten-inning struggle, but were given a terrible trouncing in the last game, Adrian beating them, 11 to 0.

There had been rumors of Battle Creek playing ineligible players and Acting-President Burkhart started a quiet investigation, with the result that he forfeited twelve games that Battle Creek had won from various clubs while playing M. J. Donovan, under the name of Murray, this man being on the suspended list of the Dayton club, and two games that they won from Adrian in the last four-game series for playing Coleman of the Kewanee club under the name of Burke. This penalty put Battle Creek last.

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  • Catcher Bay City team. 126 games, average .981.
  • The 1914 team won 1st of season, Saginaw 2nd half, with Saginaw beating Bay City in championship series.
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  • People Referenced
    Barry, (Bay City)
    Bowen, James P. (Saginaw)
    Brubaker, (Bay City)
    Burkhart, A.S.
    Bussey, (Bay City)
    Coleman, (Kewanne)
    Coombs, (Bay City)
    Donovan, M.J.(Battle Creek)
    Donnelly, (Bay City)
    Harris, (Bay City)
    Harwell, (Bay City)
    Hickman, (Bay City)
    Hoffman (Flint)
    Jenkins, (Bay City)
    Potts, (Bay City)
    Robins, (Saginaw)
    Thomas, (Bay City)
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    Southern Michigan Assoc.:
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    - Kalamazoo, MI
    - Mt. Clemens, MI
    - Saginaw, MI
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