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Founding of Southern Michigan Football League (1948)
  • Contributed by Barney Glowicki.
  • Transcribed (March 2007)
  • Game Program - September 23, 1950, All-Stars versus Saginaw Valley Blue Devils.

    The Southern Michigan Football League - 1948

    The first steps taken by the now-named Southern Michigan Football League took place early in March of this year at the Wenonah Hotel, Bay City. At that time and place a group of independent football representatives gathered to lay ground work for a strong independent football circuit.

    Present at the birth of the new league were football men from Pontiac, Windsor, Dearborn, U.S. Marine Reserves, Bay City, Coldwater and Oakwood. Mt. Clements and Monroe indicated interest by phone. Plans and facilities were discussed and methods of establishing team responsibility were tentatively adopted. Contemplated rules were set up with an eye toward early organization.

    The next meeting, still under the temporary chairmanship of Howard (Whitey) Ricker, Bay City coach, was held in the club rooms of the Oakwood Blue Jackets Athletic Club. All teams represented at the Bay City meeting were likewise represented at this second meeting. In addition there were a number of new representatives present. These included Carbon A. C., Utica Jets, Northwest A. C., Fenkell A. C., and Highland Park. At this meeting a loose constitution was drawn up, and the matter of faithful guarantee bonds and player insurance was discussed. It was decided that at the next meeting permanent offices would be elected and the constitution approved.

    The league began to take shape the third meeting which again was held at the Oakwood Blue Jackets club rooms. Robert Parsaca, director of athletics of Southern Michigan Prison, was elected president of the new league and Jack Scagnnetti was chosen secretary-treasurer. Mr. Scagnnette also agreed to handle publicity for the new circuit. Camp Wilson, former Detroit Lions star, accepted the post of league commissioner.

    Rules were discussed and adopted or rejected, and a working constitution was drawn up. Deadlines were established for the establishment of faithful appearance bonds and for the payment of entrance fees. This ruling eliminated teams who would not have added strength to the league. The next meeting was to be set up for scheduling purposes only.

    Scheduling, however, was not the subject of the next meeting. The rules were again taken apart and analyzed for weaknesses. Team responsibility was defined and rules were established to protect and penalize for infraction of rules. President Parsaca handed out a tentative schedule which was to be verified at the next meeting.

    At the final meeting of the team representatives a formal schedule was drawn up, and the members of the newly-named Southern Michigan Football League were all banded together to give the state of Michigan one of the finest independent football leagues in the country.

    Eight teams were finally decided upon including Monroe, North West A. C., Mt. Clements, Saginaw Valley Rockets, Coldwater, Bay City, Oakwood Blue Jackets and Dearborn.

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    Dan Skrzypczak (#55) of Bay City All-Stars in game held at Central High Stadium in Bay City in 1951.
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    Parsaca, Robert
    Ricker, Howard (Whitey)
    Scagnnetti, Jack
    Wilson, Camp
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    Bay City, MI
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    Coldwater, MI
    Dearborn, MI
    Detroit Lions
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    Oakwood Blue Jackets A.C.
    Pontiac, MI
    Southern Michigan Football League
    Southern Michigan Prison
    US Marine Reserves
    Utica Jets
    Wenonah Hotel
    Windsor, Ont.

    Founding Teams:
    Bay City
    Mt. Clements
    North West A.C.
    Oakwood Blue Jackets
    Saginaw Valley Rockets
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