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Bay City Cardinal Baseball Team & Clarkson Park. (1909)
  • Transcribed by Marvin Kusmierz (July 2004)
  • 1908 (May 4), Clarkston Park. (Added July, 2004)

    The Bay City Tribune - Tuesday, May 4, 1909.


    Got in Yesterday and Will Join Players in This Mornings Practice
    -- Rushing Work on Park.

    Looking fit and ready to jump into training work, Outfielder Henderson, captain of the Cardinal squad, reported to the club yesterday afternoon. He came direct from Woodburn, Ind., where he had taught school during the winter and early springtide. He has been preparing down in Woodburn. There the conditions in spring are more adapted to such work than up here. He will join the buch in its work outs today.

    Out at Clarkson park the builders are rushing to work this week having added to their forces until the carpenters alone number ever a score. On the grandstand in particular is the building progressing rapidly. The roof is about half way finished. The players' club room under the third base bench seat section has been sealed in and will be ready for occupancy by Saturday. Baths will be installed today. All of the fence are in.

    The contractors promise that the park will be eady for next Saturday afternoon, when he Cardinal bandy meets the Ann Arbor Yannigans or varsity inelegibles in the first home exhibition game.

    1909 (May 9) New park ready. (Added July, 2004)

    The Bay City Tribune - Sunday, May 9, 1909.

    New Park - Boys Are in Good Shape to Open Pennant Fight With the Sox.


    Muggsy McGraw, left field.
    Sensenbach, short stop.
    Henderson, right field.
    Zwilling, center field.
    Tierney, second base.
    King, third base.
    Webster, first base.
    Newcomb, catcher.
    Wood or Gleneke, pitcher.

    The Cardinals spasmodic spring training will wind up today with the final clash of the Regulars and Yannigans at Clarkson park. They have been in camp three weeks and though force to labor along in their prepping under weather conditions that have been alternately abominable and splendid, the former in the main are fit and ready for the gruelling season-long pennant fight that begins in Kalamazoo Tuesday. None of the men has been affected by the minor ailments of arm and limb -- sore whips and "charley" horse common to players of this period. Their physical condition is fine, grand, despite all that the weather has done to set them back.

    After this afternoon's performance at Clarkson park which promises to be a hard battle, the Cardinals will enjoy a day of rest and idleness that will make them eager to get into the fray with the Sox at Kazoo. Manager Herr plans to leave for the scene of the initial struggle Monday, possibly in the morning. Unless the Celery City management objects, the boys will get on the Sox ball park for a short brisk workout in the afternoon. Otherwise they will have a few hours in which to view the sights.

    "I want all the fellows to get a good night's sleep before the game Tuesday," said Manger Herr last night in explaining his reasons for the early departure for Kazooville. "I am sure we will be able to get in a little practice Tuesday afternoon on the Sox field, if not tomorrow afternoon. One short but thorough workout will round out their preparation for the game and that is all I want."

    The Cardinal chieftain has not nominated his twirler for the opener. The choice lies between Monte Wood and Gleneke, these pitchers having been give some special attention in he last week. He will name his selection either tonight or Monday. Wood will likely be designated to start as he is in good form and in addition showed remarkable effectiveness against Kazoo last year.

    Besides Wood and Gleneke, Herr will take along Miles Mains, Bob Couchman, Cole and Tommy Burns. "Hi" Cole looks good enough now to figure in either the second or third contest with the Sox. Patay Newcomb will do the catching.

    The in field will line up with Mike Webster at first, Bill Tierney at second, Sensenbach at short, and Peter King at third. Captain Henderson will do the right fielding, Zwilling the center and McGraw the left. Either one of the other two outfield aspirants -- Ries and Sullivan -- is likely to break into the game, Herr being anxious to see them under fire.


    Eddie has also decided on his batting order, McGraw, who is fast in getting down to first, a hard man to pitch to and is like to work way to first base any time, will lead off. Sensenbach will hit next, having been appointed to this position because of his ability to sacrifice. Henderson, a long range sticker, will hit third place and will be followed by Zwilling, whose batting prowess is well known.

    The second division of the list will be headed by Bill Tierney, following Zwilling to the plate. Pete King, Mike Webster, Pat Newcomb and the operating hurler will follow to order.

    "I'm not worrying about the boys hitting ability," remarked Eddy the other day, "Henderson, Zwilling, Webster and King are long hitters, each of them is likely to break a game up at any minute with a distance smash. This bunch is going to play inside ball. They're mostly all old heads and have a thorough knowledge of the scientific end of the game."

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    The Bay City Cardinals baseball team was formed in 1908 and began play in the 1909. Their home field was the new Clarkson Park which was completed in May 1909.

    The park was named after John Clarkson, who played for the Saginaw team in the Northwestern league during the early 1880s. That league gained considerable attention from major leagues for the number of excellent players in this regional league.

    John G. Clarkson
    Pitcher, Baseball Hall of Fame

    Clarkson went on to the majors to become one of its greatest pitchers. In 1963, he was elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame and his records still still rank him among the all time greats.
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