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Appleton Stevens (1819-1879) & Son, A. J. Stevens.
Native of Deep River, Ct; Mayor of Bay City, and State representative.

1833 biography pg Appleton. (Added Nov., 2010)

History of Bay County, Michigan - 1883


Appleton Stevens was a prominent business man of Bay County for upwards of twenty years. He came to Portsmouth from Deep River, Conn., in 1857, and engaged in lumbering, the firm at an early day being A. Stevens & Co. He started the town of Deep River, about thirty miles north of Bay City, where he had extensive lumbering interests. He was an active and successful business man. He died in 1879, leaving a widow and one son. The latter is now of the lumber firm of Green & Stevens. It is such men as Mr. Stevens that have made Bay City what it is. Mr. Stevens was the first supervisor from the township of Portsmouth, was mayor of Bay City two terms, and was state senator two terms.

Page. 53.

The Portsmouth Salt Company was organized March 13, 1860, and its articles of association filed with the county clerk, March 20th. The Bay City Salt Manufacturing Company was organized March 28, and its articles of association filed on May 18, 1860. The principal stockholders of the first named company were James J. McCormick, Appleton Stevens, A. D. Braddock & Co., B. F. Beckwith, Judge Miller, William Daglish, Martin Watrous, C. E. Jennison and W. R. McCormick.

Page. 133. (Edgar B. Braddock)

Mr. Braddock was married August, 1863, to Miss Mary J. Stevens, daughter of Appleton M. Stevens, of this city.

Page. 260. (Township of Portmouth)

The first township meeting thereof shall be held at the schoolhouse situated on franction Section Thirty-two, in Town Fourteen north of Range Five east, on Monday, the 11th day of April, 1859, and at said meeting Jesse M. Miller, Appleton Stevens, and William Daglish, three electors of said township, shall be persons whose duty it shall be to preside as such meeting, appoint a clerk, open and keep the polls, and exercise the same powers as the inspectors of elections at any township meeting, as the law provides.

1883 biography of son, A. J. - Added Nov., 2010.

History of Bay County, Michigan 1883


A. J. STEVENS, son of the late Appleton Stevens, was born at Deep River, state of Connecticut. He came with his parents to Bay City, and later after receiving his education he was employed by Chauncey Gibson in the First National Bank, (the first in the city) as an errand boy. He was gradually promoted to the position of bookkeeper in the same institution. He was afterwards employed in the same capacity by A. Stevens & Co., where he remained until the death of his father, the senior partner of that concern. He then engage in the lumber business, and in 1879 purchased a half-interest in the Stone Island Mill, since known as the Green & Stevens Mill, which he still owns and operates. The capacity of the concern is about 11,000,000 feet per annum. Mr. Stevens was married to Flora Hamilton, in 1875, and has two children.

Additional Notes.

    1876 Michigan Births: Bay City.

  • Maud Stevens born Aug. 24, 1876, daughter of Adiman (b. Connecticut) and Flora Stevens (b. Ohio).

    1878 Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Stevens, Appleton (A. Stevens & Co.), res n e cor s Center and Water.
  • Stevens A. & Co. (Appleton Stevens, Ziba B. Graham, Hiram Wilmot, Jared E. Redfield) lumbermen, mills late Bay City, Portsmouth, w s Water, and at Deep River.

    1878 Michigan Deaths: Bay City.

  • Appleton Stevens, age 60, married, died Aug. 26, 1878, father's name also Appleton Stevens.
    (Note: Appleton is buried at Pine Ridge Cemtery, in Bay City.)

    1883 Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Stevens, Adnoriam J. - sawmill, res 815 S. Center.
  • Stevens, Sarah (wid Appleton), res w s Taylor 2 n of S Center.

    1887 Michigan Births: Bay City.

  • Marguerite Stevens born Jan. 14, 1887, daughter of A. Judson (b. NY) and Flora H. Stevens (b. Ohio).

    1894 Michigan Deaths: Bay City.

  • Sarah Stevens, b. 1819, Durham, Ct., daughter of Adonejuers and Sarah Tibbals, died Dec. 5, 1894.

    1916 - Find-A-Grave.

  • Mrs. Sarah (Stevens) Braddock, age 72, died April 8, 1916, in Bay City, burial at Pine Ridge Cemetery.

    1917 - Find-A-Grave.

  • Edward B. Braddock, husband of Sarah Stevens, daughter of Appleton, died in 1917, buried at Pine Ridge Cemetery.

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