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Those Horrid Streets (of West Bay City)
Source material provided by Alan Flood
  • Transcribed by Marvin Kusmierz. (April 2004)
  • Bay City Daily Tribune - Friday, April 18, 1890 (page 8)


    Nothing is Right About Them, Even to the Names.

    The proposition of Alderman Lennon to put up street signs throughout the city is a matter in which the council should make haste slowly. Past councils have seen fit to accept anything that has been offered in the shape of a plat, without reference to the naming of the streets. As a result there are dozens of thoroughfares in the city which bear several names and streets in different parts of the city will have the same name. For example, there is a Washington street in the First and Second wards and another in the Fifty ward, the streets being more than a mile apart. State streets are scattered all over the city. There are three separate streets bearing the name of Linn. First, Second and Third streets are found in two sections of the city.

    The council has appointed a committee to devise a plan for renaming the streets, when necessary. An act of the legislature is required to change the name of a street in any recorded plat and it will be a year at least before the names can be changed. By that time it is expected that the city will have free postal delivery and this will make a systemstic nameing and numbering of the streets a necessity. The council committee will find that it has a large amount of work to do. Until the streets are properly names it would be folly to pay for street signs that will have to discarded in a few months.

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    West Bay City was created by merging the villages of Wenona, Banks, and Salzburg. It later merged into Bay City - all of which required renaming streets with duplicate names.

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