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Thomas Toohey (1838-?)
Native of County Mayo, Ireland. Hotel business in Bay City.

1883 Biography. (Added Aug., 2009)

The History of Bay County, Michigan - H.R. Page, 1883.


Thomas Toohey, who is at present proprietor of the Arlington House, West Bay City, is a native of County Mayo, Ireland, where he was born in 1838. In 1840, he, with his parents, came to South Burgess, Leeds County, Canada, where he remained fourteen years, then removing to Greenick, Bruce Co., living there eight years. He came to Detroit, Mich., in 1862. From there went to Ypsilanti, and in 1864 went to South Saginaw, where he was in the employ of Flagler & York as agent three years, at the end of which time he came to West Bay City where he has resided for the past fifteen years. During that time he was general agent for J. M. Ballentine & Co. three years and six months, the field of his operations being the Saginaw River during the Summer and the lumber camps during the Winter. He after built the Toohey House and was proprietor of the same ten years. For the past six years Mr. Toohey has been engaged in the lumber business, and on December 1, 1882, he took in Michael Hagerty as a partner. Mr. Toohey has held the office of village treasurer, and was supervisor during the years 1879, 1880 and 1881.

Additional Notes:

    1880 Census West Bay City:

  • Toohey, Thomas: lumberman, b. 1839 Ireland
  • Brigget T.: wife, b. Canada
  • Peter: son, b. 1861, Mich.

    1883 Directory West Bay City:

  • Arlington House, Thomas Toohey, propr., s e cor Linn & John, 3d ward.
  • Toohey House, Joseph McMahon, propr., n w cor Henry and John.
  • Toohey, John, lamplighter, res e s Catherine, son of Thomas.
  • Toohey, Peter, teamster, bds 110 John, 2d ward.
  • Toohey, Thomas (Toohey & Hagarty), res 110 John, 2d ward.
  • Toohey & Haggarty (Thomas Toohey, Michael Hagarty), lumbermen Opera House Block, 2d ward.

    1900 Census West Bay City. 201 E. Janes St.:

  • Toohey, Brigget: widow, b. Aug. 1846, Canada
  • Foley, Patrict, boards, b. May 1860, Canada
  • Foley, Mike, boards, b. June 1862, Canada
  • Foley, John E, boards, b. Apr. 1894, Canada
  • Minahan, James, boards, b. Apr. 1880, Canada
  • Murdock, Charles W, boards, b. July 1861, Scotland
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