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Daniel H. Trombley (1858-?)
Son of Medor and Sarah Tromble.

1892: Historical Biography. (transcribed Nov. 2007)

Portrait and Biographical Record of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan.
Portrait Publishing Co., Chicago (1892)



We are gratified to be able to present here a sketch of one of the most active and prominent citizens and business men of Bay City. He is lumber inspector and shipper and is more than ordinarily enterprising and prosperous. For his ancestry our readers are referred to the sketch of his father, Mader Tromble. The son has, as will be noted, changed his patronymic by the addition of one letter. He has been for seventeen years engaged in the same business in Bay City, and took it up when only fifteen years old.

This gentleman was born in South Bay City, which was then known as Portsmouth, January 27, 1858, and there he had his education first in the common school and afterward in the High School, from which he would have graduated in three months had he not left school. When he began lumber inspecting at the age of fifteen it was for parties in Bay City, and he carried it on there for three years, after which he worked for five years for Andrew Watson, and for others in the Saginaw Valley. In 1882 he started an office of his own, and engaged in an independent business, locating in South Bay City until 1886, when he formed a partnership under the firm name of McHoskill, Trombley & Brown, which connection lasted for two years, after which our subject bought out the whole business and has since carried it on independently.

Mr. Trombley has gradually increased his business until it extends through many parts of the state, and includes hardwood and pine as well as logs. It is increasing every year and is growing more and more successful. His pleasant home is situated at the corner of South Center and McCormick Street, and the lady who presides over it with so much grace and dignity became his wife in 1881. She was Miss Carrie, daughter of V. W. Deland, an old settler of Flushing, but now living a retired life at Saginaw. They have one child, Carlos, in whose training and education they are greatly interested.

Mr. Trombley is one of the most active and zealous members of the Baptist Church of South Bay City, in which he was a deacon, and the Assistant Superintendent of the Sunday-School. He is a leader in the movement which is now in contemplation toward building a new church on South Center Street. In his political views he is a staunch Prohibitionist and an earnest worker in the cause of temperance.

Additional Notes.

    1870 - Census: Portsmouth, Bay, Mich.

  • Trombley, Medore - b. 1813 Mich.
  • Sarah, wife - b. 1817 New York
  • Frank, son - b. 1849 Mich.
  • Mary, dau. - b. 1852 Mich.
  • Jospehine, dau. - b. 1854 Mich.
  • Fremont, son - b. 1856 Mich.
  • Daniel, son - b. 1858 Mich.
  • Edward, son - b. 1860 Mich.
  • Eugene, son - b. 1853 Mich.

    1880 - Census: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Trombley, Daniel - b. Jan 1858 Mich.
  • Carry L., wife - b. Sep 1856 Mich.
  • Carl B., son - b. Feb 1885 Mich.
  • Ruth C., dau. - b. Mar 1894 Mich.
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