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David Trombley (1858-?)
Historical biography.
  • Transcribed November 2007.
  • Portrait and Biographical Record of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan.
    Portrait Publishing Co., Chicago (1892)


    David Trombley is residing in West Bay City and is engaged as a fisherman. He is the son of Joseph Trombley, one of the early settlers in the Saginaw Valley, whose sketch appears elsewhere in this volume. Our subject was born on block 4, of Trombley’s Addition to West Bay City, or Bangor, on February 29, 1848. He was reared there and is the oldest native-born resident of Banks, or the First Ward of West Bay City.

    Our subject in early boyhood engaged in fishing with his father and brother and could sail a boat, swim, etc., with the best of them. For eight or nine years he was engaged in fishing in the sailboat “Eagle” with pont nets. In 1873 Mr. Trombley began fishing for himself continuing thus employed until 1887 when he disposed of his boats, etc., to his brother Joseph M. During that time he had used about three miles of pond nets. Since 1887 he has been engaged in fishing in the river and bay with small sailboats.

    In addition to the above-named occupation our subject is interested in real estate, owning ten houses in the First Ward. He also owns a farm of twenty-five acres within the corporate limits of the city which he will plat next summer. Mr. Trombley was engaged in merchandise business for about four years in West Bay City and in all the different occupations in which he has engaged he has been successful.

    In 1873 our subject and Miss May, daughter of J. R. Pierce of Bay City were united in marriage. Four children have been born to them: Charles E. died when thirteen years of age; Ivy M., Nellie D. and David W. Mr. Trombley has always refused to serve in official positions until accepting the office of School Director, in 1890. The school in 1891 was named the Trombley School in honor of our subject. Socially he belongs to the Knights of the Maccabees and in religious matters is a member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church. He casts his vote with the Republican party and is greatly respected in his community.

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