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Twins Born At Trombley House
Joseph & Aleck were the first twins born in Lower Saginaw (Bay City), MI.
  • Contributed by Jim Petrimoulx, September 2008.
  • Bay City Tribune - Sunday, June 13, 1909 (Page 5)
    Bay County Historical Society


    Joseph and Aleck Guillette Were Born in Old McCormick Home in November, 1842.

    To the Editor: In last Sunday's paper under the heading: "These Are Old Ones," I saw the names of two of Bay City's old pioneers, I would like to add to the list the names of Joseph and Aleck Guillette, Bay county's oldest pioneer twins.

    They were born in the old McCormick home in Lower Saginaw, in November, 1841, lived there till 1858, when they moved with their father to Hampton where they have resided continuously since.


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