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Theodore Trombley (1846-?)
Historical biography.
  • Transcribed November 2007.
  • Portrait and Biographical Record of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan.
    Portrait Publishing Co., Chicago (1892)


    Among the oldest of the native-born citizens of Bay County is this gentleman, who is a representative of a pioneer family and has by his life added luster to the worthy name he bears. He was born on Water Street, Bay City, September 15, 1846, and is the son of Joseph Trombley, whose sketch will be found in another portion of this volume. The family of which he is a member comprises five living children, namely: Joseph; Adeline, Mrs. Beebe; James, Theodore and David, and for further particulars in regard to the life of each the read is referred to their personal sketches, which appear in the Record.

    The boyhood days of our subject were passed in Banks, and as there was no school in that place the children of the Trombley family received instruction under the parental roof. Our subject had meager opportunities for acquiring knowledge, but to say that he availed himself of every possible opportunity for extending and enlarging his information is but to state what actually occurred. Careful reading and observation have to a great degree overcome the deficiencies of his early education and he is now a well-informed man. Under the careful guidance of his parents he was reared to a stalwart manhood and gained those principles of honor and uprightness which have characterized his entire life.

    In his childhood our subject assist his father in fishing, and in his early manhood he built a sailing vessel, the “Phil Sheridan,” capacity ten tons, and with it he fished in the Little Charity Islands for about seven years. Then selling that boat he purchased the “Josie Trombley” and managed it for seven or eight years. Since selling that vessel he has engaged in fishing at the mouth of the river, and has met with success in that business. His record as a fisherman is unexcelled, he having caught sturgeon with a weight of one hundred and seventy-five pounds, and trout weighing forty pounds. He owns over two hundred and twenty acres on section 2, Huron Township, which he uses for fishing purposes, and about two or three miles of that land lies along the lake. He owns two sail boats, has bout twenty-five or thirty lots in Banks, besides the residence in which he makes his home on the corner of Fifty and Marchand Streets and the brick block on the corner of Washington and Sophia Streets, 60x30 feet in dimensions.

    The marriage of our subject to Miss Ida Brooks, took place at Bay City in 1872. The bride was the daughter of William and the granddaughter of Joseph Brooks, who was born in New York and followed farming pursuits. The father, who was born near Hamilton, Canada, was a farmer and lumberman, and came in 1865 to Bay City, where he worked as a lumberman for Smith & Mohr. Later he was engaged as a jobber here but now resides in Canada. His wife, whose maiden name was Amerilla Merritt, was born in Canada, and was the daughter of John Merritt, a soldier in the War of 1812. She died in Banks in 1886, leaving three children. Mrs. Trombley, the eldest in the family, was born near Hamilton, Canada, in 1858, and was educated at Bay City.

    Mr. and Mrs. Trombley have four children, as follows: Josephine M., Charles L., Gladys M., and Jay F. In his politics Mr. Trombley is a firm Republican and has served on juries and as a delegate to county conventions. Socially he belongs to the order of the Maccabees. He is particularly fond of hunting and has shot more than fifty deer. During the fall of each year he usually goes to Northern Michigan and there finds an excellent opportunity for displaying his skill as a hunts-man.

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