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Virgil Langstaff Tupper, M.D. (1869-1951)
Born in Oil City, Penn., practiced medicine in Bay City, Mich.

1915: Historical Biography (transcribed Nov. 2007)

History of Michigan, Volume IV, by Charles Moore (1915)


Dr. Virgil L. Tupper, who in the practice of his profession has shown intimate and accurate knowledge of the principles of medicine and surgery, making continued advancement through his broad study and research, has won the right to be number as one of Michigan's foremost practitioners. Located in Bay City since 1897, of late years has been concentrated his entire energies upon the practice of surgery and in this line has gained material success and widespread reputation. Doctor Tupper was born March 14, 1869, at Oil City, Pennsylvania, and is a son of Benjamin S. and Seline B. Tupper.

Doctor Tupper is of English descent and both of his great-great-grandfathers, Gen. Benjamin Tupper and Gen. John Oliver, fought in the Continental army at Bunker Hill, the former subsequently becoming attached to the staff of Gen. George Washington as an aide. Benjamin S. Tupper, the father of Doctor Tupper, was born in Albany, New York, was there reared and educated, and when still a young man entered the oil fields of Pennsylvania, where he became successful in accumulating a handsome property. At this time he is living a retired life at his home in Buffalo, New York, being now eighty-two years of age, although still alert in mind and active in body. The mother, a native of New York City, also survives, is eighty years of age, and in the best of health. There were four children in the family, one son and three daughters, of whom three survive, Doctor Tupper being the youngest.

After passing through the usual public school experience, Dr. Virgil L. Tupper came with his parents to Michigan, but subsequently went to Washington and Jefferson College, Pennsylvania, for one year and then continued his literacy course in the University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor. There he took a special course preparatory to his medical studies, which he pursued at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, where he was graduated in 1896, with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. For some time he served as resident physician at St. Mary's Hospital, Philadelphia, and in the Jefferson College Hospital, and furthered his studies in John Hopkins University. He first began practice in Bay City, where he succeeded to the practice of his uncle, the late Dr. H. Tupper of this city, and here Doctor Tupper has continued to carry on his professional labors for the past sixteen years. In 1908 he discontinued general practice to devote his entire attention to surgical work. He has taken several courses of study in surgery in various cities of Europe, where he observed the methods of a number of institutions and hospitals, and has just returned from a trip to London and Edinburg, where he took special work and study in his chosen field. His vacations, if they may be called such, are spent in visiting surgical institutions, and in this way he has kept fully abreast of the various advancements and changes which have market the progress of his calling. In a profession where advancement depends entirely upon individual merit, intellectual force and correct application of scientific principles to the practical needs of the sick room he has made steady progress, and by his close conformity to high standard of professional ethics, combined with his ability, has won the unqualified respect and admiration of his fellow-practitioners as well as of the general public. Doctor Tupper has been surgeon of the Mercy Hospital of Bay City for about twelve years, and has worked steadfastly and earnestly for its welfare and growth. At this time the institution has about eighty beds, where many patients are accommodated and treated, the greater number of whom come from Bay City. Although the hospital has its own staff of surgeons, other practitioners are not excluded. About one-third of the patients treated are charity cases, no worthy poor are turned away, and all charges are moderate to those able to pay. For his general practice, Doctor Tupper maintains an office in the center of the residence district of the city, at No. 812 Grant street.

Doctor Tupper has always been identified with the Republican party in his political connections, although the extent of his general practice and his professional duties keeps him from entering actively into the battles of the public arena. His services on the outside, however, have been of as beneficial a nature to his adopted city as though he were holding office of preferment. His is liberal contributor to all worthy religious and charitable movements, although no a regular member of any denomination. Aside from the societies of his profession, he is popular in club life and is a member of the Bay City Club and president of the Bay City Country Club.

On December 12, 1901, Doctor Tupper was married in Bay City, Michigan, to Miss Mary Hill Cranage, daughter of Thomas Cranage, a pioneer lumberman of Bay City, who died in 1911. One son has been born to Doctor and Mrs. Tupper: Thomas C., ten years of age, now attending the Bay City public schools. The pleasant Tupper home is located at No. 1001 Center Avenue.

Additional Notes.

    1870 Census: Corning, Steuben, New York.

  • Tupper, Archiblad b. 1785, Conn.
  • Leah, wfe b. 1800, New York.
  • Benjamin, son b. 1834, New York.
  • Unk. Female, daughter-inlaw b. 1835, New York. (Seline B.)
  • Florence, g-daughter b. 1863, New York.
  • Laura, g-daughter b. 1865, New York
  • Leah, g-daughter b. 1867, Penn.
  • Virgil, g-son b. 1869, Penn.

    1894 Census: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Tupper, Horace b. 1831.
  • Elizabeth T., wife b. 1832.
  • Horace, son b. 1871.
  • Laura C. , niece b. 1865.
  • Virgil, nephew b. 1869.
  • Strevor, Albert, border b. 1833.
  • Daily, John, servant b. 1858.
  • Stickle, James b. 1876.

    1900 Census: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Tupper, Horace b. Oct., 1830, New York.
  • Elizabeth, wife b. Oct. 1831, England married 1862.
  • Virgil S., Sr., nephew - Mar. 1869, Penn. - single.
  • Horace, Jr., son Feb., 1871, Mich.
  • Townsend, Georgia, sister-inlaw b. Dec., 1840, England.
  • Stever, Albert, cousin b. Mar., 1833, New York.

    1901 Michigan Marriages: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Virgil Tupper, son of B. T. Tupper and Selina Bonnell, married Dec. 12, 1901, to Mary Hill Cranage, daughter of Thomas Cranage and Julia Pitts.

    1903 Michigan Births: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Thomas Cranage Tupper, born March 12, 1903, son of Virgil Longstaff Tupper and Mary Hill Cranage.

    1930 Census: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Tupper, Virgil b. 1869, Penn.
  • Mary C., wife b. 1867, Mich.
  • Marjory, daughter b. 1911, Mich.
  • Jezeski, Maine, servant b. 1909, Mich.

    1951 Wikepedia.

  • Virgil Langstaff Tupper died April 13, 1951. He was sent as a child to live with his Uncle Horace Tupper (1830-1902), in Bay City, MI. Virgil attended Washington & Jefferson College and University of Michigan, where he played football. Afterward he attended Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and at John Hopkins University in Baltimore. He and his wife had two children: Thomas C. and Marjoy. Virgil also was partner in the Cranage Block in Bay City with his brother-in-law Samuel P. Cranage.
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