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Dr. WILLIAM G. Weideman (1874-?)
Graduate of University of Michigan, School of Medicine.

1922 Bio. (Added Feb., 2009)

History of Milwaukee, City and County,
by William George Bruce, Josiah Seymour Currey (1922)


Dr. William G. Weideman, physician and surgeon engaged in general practice at No. 308 North avenue in Milwaukee, was born in Bay City, Michigan, October 12, 1874, and is a son of Conrad W. and Elizabeth (Reenig) Weideman, both of whom were natives of Germany. The father came to the United States in 1862 and soon afterward joined the Union army for service in the Civil war, becoming a member of the Twenty-sixth Wisconsin Regiment. He entered the war from Milwaukee and was seriously wounded in the battle of Gettysburg. After the close of hostilities he took up his abode in Bay City, Michigan, where his remaining days were passed, his death occurring in 1917. He had for several years survived his wife, who departed this life in 1912. They were married in Bay City and had a family of five sons, all of whom are yet living, two being residents of Milwaukee, including Dr. Weideman of this review and Dr. George C. Weideman, who is a practicing dentist. The other three brothers are owners of an important industrial enterprise of Detroit, conducted under the name of the Weideman Iron Company. Four of the sons are graduates of the University of Michigan, two having completed the course in the engineering department, one in the medical department and one in the dental department.

Dr. William G. Weideman acquired his early education in the schools of Bay City and then took up the profession of teaching, which he followed in order to earn money to pay his way through college. He spent four years as a medical student in the University of Michigan and was there graduated with the M. D. degree as a member of the class of 1904. He afterward spent a year as intern in the University of Michigan and in 1906 took postgraduate work in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, the medical department of the University of Illinois. In 1911 he studied in Vienna and he has since specialized in surgery. He has practiced almost continuously in Milwaukee since 1906 and during six years of this period he was on the teaching staff of Marquette University. During the World war he served as a volunteer on local boards. The major part of his time and energy is pronounced by reason of his wide study and thoroughness. He belongs to the Milwaukee County Medical Society, the Wisconsin State Medical Society, the Tri-State Medical Society and the American Medical Association.

On the 22d of October, 1914, Dr. Weideman was married to Miss Adeline Heideman of Milwaukee, who was born in this city and is a representative of one of the old families here. Dr. and Mrs. Weideman have a daughter, Dorothy, who was born August 12, 1921. Dr. Weideman finds his recreation largely in hunting and outdoor sports. He is a Royal Arch Mason, is also connected with the Knights of Pythias and is a consistent member of the Methodist church, guiding his life according to its teachings. He has made his life work of great usefulness and value to his fellowmen. In the practice of his profession and in every relation of life had has exemplified the highest principles of manhood and chivalry.

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