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Wenonah Park - Eddy Pavilion (1916)
  • Transcribed Apr. 2006
  • The Bay City Daily Times - Saturday, July 29, 1916


    The growth of the city is evidenced in the amount of bulding being done.

    The new rest pavilion in Wenonah park at the foot of Center avenue is almost completed. Above is a photograph of it as it appears at the present time.

    There remains to be done some of the masonry work but this is being finished and the structure will then be ready for public use. It was started last fall. Work was continued on it during the winter in spite of the cold weather so that it could be made ready for use this summer. It rests directly in the middle of the park in line with Center avenue and is only a short distance from the river.

    The architecture is of the most modern type of construction. It follows the bungalow type of construction. Distinctive are the low sloping and wide overhanging roof. The monastic style of construction is also combined. This is exhibited in the arches and pillars that form the central part of the building and the arched ceilings over the open rest room. The Gothic is seen in the arched window casings. Its beauty of construction and lines have been commented on by hundreds.

    The entire building is the gift of Mrs. Frank J. Eddy. It came unsolicited and with no previous intimation on the part of the donor. It is intended to be a memorial to the deceased husband of Mrs. Eddy.

    The structure is constructed entirely of fire proof materials. The walls are of brick. These are covered on the outside with stucco which in turn has been tinted to a faint yellow to make it harmonize with the green tile roof. The window casings and other exterior finish are of stone. Floors under the open section are of tile and cement. A cement terrace runs entirely around the building. In the center is the open section which will be provided with seats which is to serve as shelter and rest room. At the ends are the lavatories. These have been finished very elaborately. The walls for a distance of about seven feet are covered with the most beautiful of Vermont marble. The floors will be of tiles. Fixtures correspond in every way with the rest of the materials used. Other parts of the interior are plastered and tinted to correspond with the rest of the building. The columns are of stucco and the ceiling over the rest room is divided in a number of curve sections corresponding with the number of pillars. Rows of lights are placed at the junctures of the curve sections.

    The cost of the entire building being met by Mrs. Eddy. All she ask for was the necessary permission from the council for its erection.

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    Picture (abt. 1930s) is a view looking west at the pavilion.
    The pavilion was added to Wenonah Park about six years after the park opened. In 1960 the pavilion was torn down.
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