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Walter W. Williams, M.D. (1847-?)
Mary A. (Whitaker) Williams, M. D. (1853-?)
Residence 808 Jefferson St., Bay City, MI.

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History of Bay County, Michigan – Gansser, 1905.


are among the most successful practitioners of medicine of Bay City, Michigan. The have resided in this city several years and have come to stay. Both are scions of prominent and representative American families, their ancestors having come to this country in the early colonial period.

Dr. Walter W. Williams was born in Lima, Washtenaw County, Michigan, September 14, 1847, and is a son of Gen. Asa and Hannah Harris (Bond) Williams. He is a descendent of Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island, who established the family in this country.

Gen. Asa Williams was born in New London, Connecticut, October 21, 1802, and was descended from a long line of sea captains. His mother Cynthia (Pride) Williams, was born July 27, 1771, and died October 6, 1855. Gen. Asa Williams came to Michigan in 1825, and was one of the first settlers of Washtenaw County. He was a man of great industry and executive ability and steadily added to his possessions until he was owner of many hundred acres of valuable lnd. He took a very active interest in political affairs, being a staunch Democrat, and represented his county in the Legislature. He was a brigadier-general in the State Militia of Michigan, being appointed by Gen. Lewis Cass, then Governor of Michigan. On December 12, 1830, General Williams was joined in marriage t Hannah Harris Bond, who was born November 13, 1809, and of the 10 children born to them, give grew to maturity, namely: William Diah, born March 22, 1834, who died in 1894, at Marquette, Michigan, after serving 18 years as circuit judge; Hannah Eliza, born January 11, 1839, who lives at Atlanta, Georgia, and is the widow of Bishop Milton Cravath, to whom she married October 4, 1860; George Rodney, born February 4, 1841, who died at Milan, Michigan, in 1903; Edwin King, born March 28, 1843, who was killed at the battle of Gaines' Mill, June 27, 1862; and Walter W. General William died October 2, 1869, and was survived by his wife who died September 17, 1876.

Walter W. Williams was reared on the home farm in Washtenaw County, Michigan, and received his intellectual training in the public schools of Lima, then Ann Arbor High School and the University of Michigan. After leaving college he went West, living in the saddle among the cowboys. After the death of his father he settled on the old homestead in Washtenaw County. Some years later he sold it and moved to Eaton Rapids, Michigan, where he also engaged in agricultural pursuits. He was a Republican and very active in politics. He was twice elected to the Legislature, – in 1887 and 1889, – and was speaker pro tem, in 1889. He took up the study of medicine and after securing his degree began practice in Eaton Rapids and then moved to Bay City in 1897. He spent two years in California on account of ill health but never gave up his residence in Bay City. He makes a specialty of electrical therapeutics and skin and chronic diseases. He is a Mason and has been a Knight Templar since 1872.

In 1872, Dr. Walter W. Williams was united in marriage with Mary Achsah Whitaker. Dr. Mary A. Williams is a daughter of Charles and Laura (Beach) Whitaker. The Whitaker coat-of-arms, with a white horse as the crest and bearing the motto “Faith conquers and truth retains,” indicates connection with the Wilshire branch of the family, whose parent stock was from Holmes, Lancashire, England, the family being one of the oldest of that country. The family was established in this country by Jonathan Whitaker, who came here from England, first settling in Massachusetts. He later moved to Long Island, and still later to New Jersey, where he died June 17, 1786. The latter married Mary Muller, and among their children was Stephen Whitaker, great-grand-father of Dr. Mary Williams. He was born January 19, 1747, and died November 4, 1827. He was in the battle of Monmouth in the Revolutionary War. He married Susan White. Isaac Whitaker, a son of Stephen and Susan (White) Whitaker, was born January 16, 1792. He served his country in the War of 1812. He was joined in marriage with Achsah Cushman, a descendant of Robert Cushman, who served as agent for the “Mayflower.” They were parents of Charles Whitaker, who was born in Benton, New York, in 1818, and came to Michigan in 1836, locating in Lima, Washtenaw County. He owned and conducted a large farm for many years and made a specialty of thoroughbred stock. He was a Democrat in politics and served many years as supervisor. He was a Royal Arch Mason, and a charter member of Chelsea Blue Lodge. He was united in marriage with Laura Beach, who was born in Plattsburgh, New York, in 1824, and was a daughter of William and Polly (Kellogg) Beach. Her grandfather, Capt. Joseph Beach, who spent the last years of his life at Otsego, New York, served in the French and Indian War and later in the Revolutionary War. He was probably born at Morristown, New Jersey, where he spent a large portion of his life and became the father of six children, the youngest of whom was William Beach, father of Mrs. Charles Whitaker. William Beach was born in 1782, and moved to Schenectady, New York, where in 1811 he was married to Polly Kellogg, a direct descendant of Silas Kellogg, who was a member of the first Continental Congress from Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

Charles and Laura (Beach) Whitaker became the parents of the following children: Finley, of Sandwich, Illinois; Caroline, of Ann Arbor, Michigan; Mary Achsah, of Bay City; Ella, wife of William Toomy, of Ann Arbor, Michigan; Charles E., one of the most extensive breeders of Black Top sheep in Michigan, who owns and manages the old homestead near Chelsea; and William I., a physician of Durand, Michigan.

Dr. Mary A. W. Williams received her early education in the public schools and then took the regular course in the medical department of the University of Michigan, graduation in 1891. During the last year of her course she served as assistant to the professor in gynecology. She commenced practice in 1891 at Eaton Rapids and continued until 1897, since which time she has practiced in Bay City, making a specialty of the diseases of women and children. She is a member of the Bay County Medical Society, Michigan State Medical Society, and American Medical Association. In 1900 she went to New York City and pursued a course in the New York Post-Graduate School.

Dr. Mary A. W. Williams was brought up according to the old ideas, that is, – to build up an honorable character, which is better than wealth to meet the emergencies of life; in this she has proved the sterling qualities of her inheritance. She organized the U. & I. Club, a literary society at Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Soon after coming to Bay City, she joined the Woman's Club. She is allied with church and society.

Additional Notes.

    1872 – Michigan Marriages, Lima, Wastenaw Co.

  • Date: Sep. 12, 1872.
  • Bride: Mary A. Whitaker
  • Groom: Wallace Walter Williams
  • Official: David Gasta, minister
  • Witnesses: E. B. Hatch of Chelse & C. Whitaker of Lima.

    1900 – Census: Bay City, Mich. (418 Water St.)

  • Williams, Walter – b. Sept 1847 Mich., Physician
  • Mary, wife – b. Dec 1853 Mich.
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Williams, Walter W. (husband)
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