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Carroll Windiate (1873-)
Native of Waterford, MI and was a prominent businessman in Bay City, MI.

1921 bio. (Added August, 2010)

Citrus Leaves, Vol. 1-3, Univ. of California - June, 1921


Meet Carroll Windiate, president of the Carroll Windiate Company, incorporated, of Bay City, Michigan.

It was back in 1873, on the 21st of February, that young Carroll Windiate was added to the population of Oakland county, of the state of Michigan. He was born on a farm near Waterford, and has been in close touch with producers since early childhood. Like all small boys, he greatly enjoyed "holding on to the rope" of the cavorting calves, and in later life he retained this youthful propensity and now wears the fez. He is a Rotarian, an Elk, president of the Rice Realty Company, president of Windiate Building Co., and a bank director.

When twelve years of age, Carroll and his family moved to Detroit, Michigan. After a public schooling of several years, he accepted his first position that of traveling salesman for a Detroit concern, on a commission basis.

Carroll did that when fifteen years of age! For at least five years he was heralded as the youngest traveling salesman in Michigan, and no one ever proved that he wasn't. Keeping his nose to the grindstone for the following ten years was some risk, but young Windiate did the job, and in 1898 became associated with the wholesale grocery firm of Gustin Cook and Buckley of Bay City, Michigan. He remained with the organization as city salesman for three years, and then entered business for himself.

On March 1, 1902, Carroll Windiate threw back his shoulders, buckled up his belt a little tighter, and went into the brokerage business with the same vim and vigor that has always characterized his work. His business grew in three years to be the biggest of its kind in Michigan. Specializing in green fruits, vegetables, dried fruits and canned goods, he confined his business to wholesale groceries and fruit concerns. In 1912 his business grew to such porportions that he had to employ Mr. Jed W. Kenney to assist him. Just eighteen years after he launched his first independent venture, Mr. Windiate incorporated the Carroll Windiate Company for $100,000.00, and he is today the active head of the new corporation, with R. C. Langworthy, vice-president, and Jed W. Kenney, secretary-treasurer.

Although Windiate has been far-seeing in many things, it took him nearly forty years to realize that California is the finest state in the union, but he has been coming out here during the past ten years, and we expect him to stay here for keeps before long.

Additional Notes.

    1880 - Census: Waterford, Oakland, Mich.

  • Windiate, Alfred - age 40, b. Mich., farmer
  • Lottie - wife, age 31, b. Mich., keeps house
  • John G. - son, age 12, b. Mich.
  • Ada A. - dau., age 11, b. Mich.
  • Minnie J. - dau., age 9, b. Mich.
  • Carrol - son, age 7, b. Mich.

    1898 - Michigan Marriages: Bay City

  • Date: May 4, 1898.
  • Groom: Carroll Windiate, age 25, b. Detroit, parents: Alfred Windiate and Charlotte Beardsley.
  • Bride: Maude Merrill, age 21, b. Bay City, parents: H. P. Merrill and Laura C. Grow.
  • Official: Otis A. Smith, pastor.
  • Witnesses: T. P. Hickey (Lansing) and Elizabeth Bousfield (Bay City).

    1905 - Missouri Deaths.

  • Dates: Jun. 21, 1905.
  • Merrill Windiate, age 1, son of Carroll Windiate and M. Merrill.
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Beardsley, Charlotte (mother)
Bousfield, Elizabeth
Cook, Gustin
Grow, Laura C.
Kenney, Jed W.
Hickey, T.P.
Langworthy, R.C.
Merrill, H.P.
Merrill, Maud (wife)
Smith, Otis A.
Windiate, Ada (sis.)
Windiate, Alfred (father)
Windiate, Carroll (subject)
Windiate, John G. (bro.)
Windiate, Merrill (son)
Windiate, Minnie J. (sis.)
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Bay City, MI
San Francisco, CA
Carroll Windiate Co.
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Windiate Building Co.
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