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World War I Alien Registration Card (1918)
  • Contributed by Clarence Stroemer (September 2003).
  • On April 6, 1917, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation requiring all German males 14 and older in the United States who were not naturalized to register as an "alien enemies" with local authorities. German immigrants that were issued the card were interrogated, and constraints were imposed on their liberties during the war period. There were two proclamations covering 20 declarations that denied them from bearing fire arms and restricting their activies. (See "Internet Resources" for further details.)

    Rudolph Stroemer of Bay City, was a German immigrant who was required to register because of this proclamation. The following are images of his "Alien Registration Card." The card was saved by his daughter, Frita Stroemer, and it was passed on to Clarence Stroemer after her death.

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