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YMCA & Peninsulars organizations - Bay City (1889)
Contributed by Alan Flood. (July 2006)

Two articles pertaining to occupants of the Walton Block:

1. YMCA moving in.
2. Peninsulars moving out.

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Bay City Daily Tribune - March 24, 1889 - Page: 5.


The Young Mens' Christian Association Soon to Take Possession of the Walton Block.

It Will be Fitted Up as a First-Class and Complete Association Building.

Settled at last.

The Y. M. C. A. will soon vacate the building at the northwest corner of Washington and Center avenues.

The Walton block will be taken possession of.

Everything is settled and everybody is happy.

It will be four years next June since the association was organized, and since then have used the present rooms. While the present quarters have been adopted to a certain extension of the work, on the whole the association has been hampered because of insufficient room.

There has been talk of building more or less ever since the association was organized, but the way has never opened for the carrying out of that project.

About four months ago the association began to look around for quarters which might be rented, and in looking over the different locations it was found that none was so suitable as the Walton block.

At Thursday's session of the board of trustees a committee was appointed to negotiate for the leasing of the block with power to act.

The building was yesterday leased from the owner, A. W. Walton, for a term of three years with the privilege of buying. The terms are $1,300 per year.

The work of remodeling the building will be commenced early in April, and possession will be taken June 1.

The privileges of the association will be $5 per year, and it is expected that there will be at least 300 young men join the association the first of the year.

The plans for the hall were yesterday prepared by Architect D. P. Clark.

"The building I think," he told THE TRIBUNE, "is better adapted for the purpose than any building in the city. While some changes are required, removing partitions, changing the location of the same in the form of rooms and by the way of additional light, the expense of making said changes is trifling in comparison with the amount of room and the conveniences to be obtained.

"How much will it cost to remodel the building?"

"About two thousand dollars."

It will readily be seen that the new hall will be arranged in first class style in every respect.

The large hall will have a seating capacity for about 400 persons and the small hall for 100.

They will be arranged with sliding sash between so that they may be united whenever occasion requires it.

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Bay City Daily Tribune - sunday, March 24, 1889 - Page: 5.


The Peninsulars Will Require New Quarters.

The Peninsulars will have to vacate Walton hall, which they have occupied for the past four years, about the 1st of July, and it is therefore imperative that new quarters be secured. The company is in first-class shape. There are now fifty-two members on the roll and the membership is increasing steadily.

Two years ago propositions were made to the Peninsulars to build a block off Center avenue and give the company the second and third floors at a certain rental. This the company were not able to accept at the time, but they are now financially able and would accept if the offer were again made. It is therefore quite probable that an elegant new building will be erected for that purpose.

Quartermaster-General Daball, who was in the city during the department encampment of the grand army of the republic, inspected the uniforms of the Peninsulars and all the company property. The object of looking over the uniforms was to ascertain how many could be fitted over to the new style, adopted for the state troops, which will be similar to those worn by the regulars. The quartermaster-general stated that he would have the uniforms changed before the encampment is held this summer. He stated that it will not be held at Mackinac this year. There is a very good reason for this decision. This historic island was the scene of the assembling of the state troops last year.

It was claimed that it resulted in a marked diminution of the arrival of tourists. A novel method has been adopted to keep the troops off the island. The drill ground has been plowed up.

There is talk of holding the encampment at Whittemore lake, Livingston county, but this plan is objected to on account of limited railroad facilities. The lake is a summer resort fourteen miles from Ann Arbor. Lansing is also looked upon as a desirable place. The question will be settled by the military board.

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