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George Hamilton Young (1848-?)
Native of Albany, N.Y., president of Bay City Bank.

1915 biogrpahy. (Added March, 2009)

History of Michigan, by Charles Moore, 1915.


It is generally found that those financiers of Michigan who have left their impress upon the banking world have come from the desk or the counting-room and have climbed the difficult self-made road of success. George H. Young, president of the Bay City Bank, of Bay City, a man widely known in banking circles in Michigan, is no exception to this rule. The greater part of his life has been devoted to financial matters, and from a humble clerkship he has risen to the position of directing head of one of the strongest institutions in the state. Mr. Young was born in the city of Albany, New York, in May, 1848, and is a son of George and Anna M. (McCormick) Young. His father, a native of Scotland, was twelve years of age when he emigrated to the United States, and there in Albany became a clerk in grocery store. With the industry, thrift, and perseverance for which his race is noted, he carefully save his earnings and ultimately entered business on a modest scale, gradually branching out and widening his scope as his finances permitted. Thus he became the owner of a profitable retail and wholesale business, which he conducted until coming to Michigan in 1870. At that time he became interested in the lumber business, soon had extensive interests, and finally founded the Bay City Bank, of which he continued to be vice president until his death in 1890, at the age of seventy years. His wife was born in Bethlehem, near Albany, New York, and died at Bay City in 1897, at the age of 80 years. Four children were born to them, of whom George H. is the eldest.

George H. Young received good educational advantages, attending the public graded and high schools of Albany, and later Anthony Institute. He was graduated from the latter institution in 1866, and at that time entered the Union National Bank of Albany, where he remained as a clerk and teller until 1870. At that time he accompanied his father to Bay City and assisted in the organization of the Bay City Bank, of which he was subsequently elected cashier, and continued to serve in that capacity until 1900, when he became president. This position he has held to the present time. The continued prosperity of this institution may be accredited in large part to Mr. Young's wise and capable management of its affairs. In a statement of its condition, rendered at the close of business August 9, 1913, the bank was shown to be upon a decidedly substantial footing, as follows: Resources Bonds, Mortgages and Collateral Loans, $1,274,975.33; Loans and Discounts, $855,621.01; Safe Deposit Vaults, Furniture and Fixtures, $30,000.00; Cash and Due from Banks, $510,850.69; Total $2,671,457.03. Liabilities Capital, $200,000.00; Surplus, $200,000.00; Undivided Profits net, $52,106.98; Deposits, $2,219,350.05; Total $2,671,457.03. The officers of the institution at this time are as follows: George H. Young, president; J. Wentworth, vice-president; W. D. Young, vice-president; H. C. Moulthrop, cashier; J. I. P. Shearer, assistant cashier; J. D. Kenney, assistant cashier; board of directors, Justin Wentworth, George K. Wentworth, Frank E. Tyler, William A. Young, Walter D. Young, James E. Duffy, H. G. Wendlend and George H. Young. While the greater part of this attention is given to his banking business, Mr. Young also given the benefit of his wide experience and thorough training to other ventures, and is at this time a director of many Bay City's most prominent industries. He is a man of public spirit and has been a promoter of movements for the city's welfare, although not a seeker after public honors. He holds independent views in political matters. With his family he attends the Episcopal church.

Mr. Young was married in Albany, New York, in 1866, to Miss Mary C. Phillips, daughter of John Phillips, and to this union there were born two children: Frank P., born in Albany, who died in Bay City, leaving four children, all of whom reside in this city; and May, born in Bay City, who married James E. Duffy, a prominent attorney, and has two children.

Additional Notes:

    1847 - New York Births: Albany.

  • George Hamilton Young born May 14, 1847, son of George and Ann Magdelene Young.

    Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs - 1911 (page 363)

  • Mary (Phillips), born February 18, 1846;
    -- (Her parents were John Phillips and Ruth A. Hughes, both of Albany, New York.)
  • married George Young, October 1866, Albany, N.Y., and in
  • 1870 moved to Bay City, Michigan;
  • Frank P., born October 21, 1868, died May 9, 1909;
  • May A., born February 15, 1876.

    1870 - History of Bay County, Mich. (1883)

  • States: "Mr. George H. Young, came to Bay City in 1870, from Albany, for the purpose of going into business with Mr. George A. Lewis. He had been connected with the Union National Bank of Albany for six years.

    1880 - Census: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Young, George H. - b. 1847 New York - banker
  • Mary, wife - b. 1850 New York
  • Frankie, son - b. 1867 New York
  • Mary A., dau. - b. 1878, Mich.

Viewer's Comments:

Contributed by Phil Draper, Apr. 1, 2009 --

    -- I'm always fascinated how lives intertwine, my grandmother lived in Manistee and died in 1951. In her attic were many Four Roses whiskey bottles and I knew she didn't drink, I ask someone why they were there and was told "some lady gave them to gram ma so she could make ketchup, she never did. Somehow I ask my aunt when she was 101 years old about the bottles and she replied, "oh that was Sarah D. Young" and that is how I became interested in the Young family. Sarah was 19 years-old when she married Frank P. Young, son of George H. Young, on Jun. 1, 1893. They had a cottage on the Manistee river Called "Eagle Crest." Frank died in 1909, but she continued to frequent the area along with her Bay City neighbors, the Clarks. The Clarks invited my mother to work for them in Bay City when she graduated in 1937, which she did for $5 a week. The Clarks were attorneys in Bay City. Sarah was Sarah Davidson and she named her oldest son Davidson. I have been told they were both heavy drinkers she died in 1943. One of her sons was murdered and robbed in his hotel room in New York, the murder was never solved. Frank and Sarah are both buried at Elm Lawn but I have never found their graves, I think they may be in the Davidson Mausoleum.
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